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What should be done to safeguard against potential global catastrophes that could end the existence of human civilization?  Things like a super-massive asteroid impact, global thermonuclear war, a Yellowstone super-volcano explosion, a natural or biotechnologically engineered super-plague, a self-replicating nanobot mishap, etc.



Build yourself a bunker just in case.


Wouldn't the safeguard depend on the catastrophe?

Personally, I'm more scared of War of the Worlds in reverse, first contact with an alien species introduces a virus humanity has no way to combat.


We have the Bagger 288, which is something.


But then how would it infect us?


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>Things like a super-massive asteroid impact
World would most likely end, save for more durable underground mammals. And insects.

>global thermonuclear war
Radiation is "Survivable"

>Yellowstone super-volcano explosion
Best thing to do here is move across the earth. Ash cloud would be immense and get rid of a lot of plant and wildlife.

>a natural or biotechnologically engineered super-plague
Find the cure to it.

>a self-replicating nanobot mishap
>Gray goo scenario
I mean, Earth's 100% fucked.



>super-massive asteroid impact
Well, tracking and deflection.  Not a high priority right now, I don't think.  But that's about all there is to do.

>global thermonuclear war
Wars involve authorities, so they must be safe for humans, at least.

>a Yellowstone super-volcano explosion,
That depends on how random that will be.  With enough warning, perhaps evacuate.  Otherwise, well, deal with the crater.

>a natural or biotechnologically engineered super-plague

Read "The Next Pandemic" awhile ago.  It's complicated, so far misinformation spreads well in America.  When authorities crack down too hard, people evade doctors and quarantine -- most of that comes from other countries.  The CDC does exercises, but if you really wanted to prepare, you'd want to increase trust, awareness, and practice with people generally.

>a self-replicating nanobot mishap, etc.

I don't know much about that.  Be careful, I guess?

>alien species introduces a virus humanity has no way to combat.
It's possible.  I don't know if there are a lot of viruses in our world capable of infecting more than a few species, so crossing the bridge from one life system to another seems unlikely.  But maybe if I think more along the lines of an invasive species taking over Earth, that seems possible.


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>Gray goo
Oooh.  I saw that in the index of a talk, and was trying to figure out what it could mean.  Something with nanobots, then.


File: 1570288237843.png (216.06 KB, 664x383, 664:383, 70.png) ImgOps Google

Nanobot that "eats" matter to create more nanobots from that matter.


File: 1570297802643.gif (Spoiler Image, 666.77 KB, 480x267, 160:89, giphy (6).gif) ImgOps Google



Because science.


Sounds energy intensive.  They would be competing with microorganisms for energy.  That doesn't sound like much of a threat in most cases.  I guess the worry is exponential growth when/if the bots found a niche where energy was abundant and competition was low.  Perhaps a sunny desert.


How does any virus or disease? There's a few ways. You know that, if the aliens reproduce sexually, someone's gonna try and have sex with one.

It's unlikely, but possible. Isn't that the biggest issue with things like Swine and bird flu? That they jumped species?

I think the scenario specifically says organic matter. The fear being that the nanobots would just keep eating and reproducing until all organic matter (including humanity and all animals) were completely destroyed, leaving behind only giant masses of nanobots (the "gray goo").


I think joining extinction rebellion is certainly a good way to contribute to the global cause of trying to drag humanity back from the precipice it has perched itself upon.

For those not feelin that they are at a precipice at this moment, I think it'd help to listen to something like vid related, and see if you can deny these kinds of facts.


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