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Hey, ponyville. This is your independently-sourced review of your current level of consciousness. Or in other words - I have independently measured how happy of a town you are. You know this is reliable because I have no affiliation or other ties with any official on this site or the other sites that appear in this review.

For more information on the rating system I'm using, see http://www.mapofspirituality.org/map-of-spirituality/

But basically, the bigger the number, the better. And on to the review:


I measured the level of consciousness of four well-known imageboards: ponyville/pony, ponychan/oat, 4chan/mlp, and 4chan/b.


I viewed each post as it appeared on the front page of each website and rated it according to the descriptions of each level of consciousness in http://www.mapofspirituality.org/map-of-spirituality/ and https://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2005/04/levels-of-consciousness/, as well as my own understanding of the post and the person behind the post's intent, as well as the community's likely reaction (cultural considerations.)


/pony had the highest level of consciousness of the four boards, with many of its posts hovering around Optimism and Neutrality. /oat also scored relatively high in comparison, with a majority of its posts falling in the Neutrality range. /mlp had a few posts at the level of Neutrality, but was held back by an abundance of posts clocking in at the levels of Anger and Desire. And finally, /b's posts mostly consisted of Anger and Desire, with a couple popular posts even lower.


These results are about what I expected, with some differences. /pony scored a lot higher than I thought it would, with a full four posts at the level of Optimism, and one even at Acceptance (the highest-level post out of all the boards.) It only had five sub-200 level posts. But this is consistent with /pony's Constitution and mission.

/oat did better than expected. While it is clear that /oat is sub-Optimism as a whole, it is strongly aligned with Neutrality - the "live and let live" level of consciousness. This, I postulate, is the result of /oat's declining population and posting frequency, which has given rise to a more cohesive community.

/mlp clocked in about as expected. It had only four posts above the 200-level. There were a lot of anger and desire-based posts. Interestingly, however, of the three pony boards, /mlp seemed to be the only board discussing the actual show - although ponychan does have a separate board for that purpose.

/b came in with the lowest level of consciousness of the boards I measured today. Most of the posts on /b were desire-based. There were three posts that were above LOC 200. And there were two posts 50 LOC or lower. This is interesting because I expected more 50 LOC and lower posts, but then I remembered that /b experienced a shift in its user base a while ago, and has since become overrun with porn.

None of the imageboards had a single post above LOC 350 in the sample I took. This is significant, as New Humanity Consciousness doesn't begin until LOC 400 with Inner Light. And until we get to the LOC 400-500 range, we can't experience true ease and satisfaction like the ponies of MLP, and I don't believe ponyville's mission has been fulfilled. We should use MLP as a guide to increasing the LOC of ponyville.

Just for reference, the ponies in MLP Seasons 1 and 2 have the following LOC:
Twilight Sparkle: 440
Rarity: 410
Applejack: 430
Fluttershy: 540
Pinkie Pie: 700
Rainbow Dash: 405
Princess Luna: 800
Princess Celestia: 900

Through MLP, ponyville can continue to work towards fulfilling its mission and increase its LOC, resulting in increased harmony and friendship. Let's use this thread to discuss my findings and how to improve ponyville's Level Of Consciousness.


My findings are posted below, starting with ponyville in the mane post.


File: 1567986419180.png (342.23 KB, 2441x1650, 2441:1650, ponychan oat 9-8-19.png) ImgOps Google




File: 1567986441199.png (328.94 KB, 2441x1650, 2441:1650, mlp 9-8-19.png) ImgOps Google




File: 1567986457509.png (334.55 KB, 2441x1650, 2441:1650, b 9-8-19.png) ImgOps Google


How exactly did you determine the "level of consciousness" for fictional characters that don't possess consciousness?

I have to be honest, all of this doesn't seem like it's actually based in science. It sounds like a bunch of "woo-woo" used to sell to crystals to housewives. Can we discuss what this actually IS and if it's valid before we start assigning arbitrary numbers and chart readings to things?


File: 1568019312167.jpg (53.44 KB, 794x695, 794:695, twiggles.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


>How exactly did you determine the "level of consciousness" for fictional characters that don't possess consciousness?

Anything - fictional or non-fictional - can be rated. As you are ultimately consciousness itself, fictional characters can be rated.

As for how I determined, say Twilight Sparkle's rating, I simply read the guides I linked above and applied my understanding of the theory to her character.

If you like, I can take you step-by-step through this process.

First, let's see if Twilight Sparkle is a good fit for a sub-200 LOC. According to the theory...

>While the sub 200 levels would correspond to the yogic term “Tamas” (darkness, imbalance, disorder, chaos, anxiety, impure, destructive, delusion, negative, dull or inactive, apathy, inertia or lethargy, violent, vicious, ignorant, entropy), the levels between LOC 200 and 439 is all about “Rajas” (activity, passion, transition, individualizing, driven, moving, dynamic, ambitious).

As we can see by the description, Twilight Sparkle is certainly not at a sub-200 level. In fact, the sub-200 levels would seem to describe Discord and Nightmare Moon much better.

So we know for sure she's not at a sub-200 level. But is she is a good fit for a 200-439 LOC? By reading the description... does Twilight Sparkle show a lot of activity? YES. Does she show a lot of transition? She likes to learn about friendship in every episode, so YES. Does she have a strong sense of self? Individualized characters are why Bronies like the show. Is she driven? Absolutely. Moving, dynamic, ambitious? Check, check, and check.

But perhaps she is even higher. Let's check if she fits the higher-level descriptions.

>LOC 500s is when the mind drops into the Heart and Inner Love opens it’s [sic] doors to the Heavenly realms. It is the most beautiful spiritual honeymoon period where there is no more fear and Love is the Answer.

OK - this doesn't sound much like Twilight Sparkle. She has a LOT of problems in the first two seasons, making big deals about minor problems. She's frequently not well-composed, either and likes to study books a lot, frequently thinking they have all the answers... Nope - not Twilight Sparkle, but it does sound A LOT like Fluttershy at least when she's around her animal friends or works up the courage to openly express what she's feeling.

But let's go higher just in case...

>LOC 600s is considered as a spiritual adulthood. It is called the Cosmic consciousness due to the exponential expansion of consciousness from the individual Higher Self to the Cosmic Galactic Christed Self. It is the mighty “I AM Presence”

...doesn't sound like Twilight Sparkle due to her neurotic tendencies, but it sounds like a bit like Pinkie Pie... Hm...

I calibrated her at LOC 700, however, due to the last line in the LOC 700 description:

>An enlightened person is now able to change their Perceptions ( Emotions –> Thoughts –> Cognitions –> Perceptions ) and see what IS to a larger degree of en-lightened Clarity.

Since Pinkie Pie indeed seems to be able to change her genuine perceptions of reality at will.

So back to Twilight Sparkle - We know she is somewhere between 200 and 439.

The website offers further instruction:

>When you change your level of consciousness you are literally changing the “TV channel” that is playing out your life. If you like horror then stay below 200, if you prefer drama the 200’s and 300’s are good for that, but if you prefer light comedy I recommend the higher 400’s and the 500’s.

Already I'm thinking Twilight Sparkle is going to at least be 300, since the show is a little girl's show, afterall... with drama and light comedy.

>Restlessness and excess of unbalanced energy is common. Longing for peace and harmony, the words and concepts in spiritual teachings really starts to resonate at the medium/higher end of LOC 300 – 439

Twilight Sparkle definitely wants peace and harmony, so that would put her in the upper 300s but below 500.

But since rationality is 399, and 400 marks the opening of the Heart Chakra, which Twilight Sparkle did in the first episode of Season 1, that would put her at at leas 400. In fact, all the ponies' heart chakras seem to be quite open - each having their own "Element of Harmony." This is also strong evidence for the ponies being at at least Level 400. Level 400 ranges from Inner Light - the release of negative emotions, Inner Wisdom - knowing yourself, and Inner Love - loving yourself. So how much do I think Twilight Sparkle loves herself vs. has just cleared out negative emotions? I put her at 440 sine she is a smart and wise horse.

At any rate, the precise number isn't super important. I think most would agree she falls in the New Humanity Consciousness range. Otherwise, why would so many bronies want to portal to Equestria?


>I have to be honest, all of this doesn't seem like it's actually based in science.

It's not based on the hard science, but it can follow the scientific method... it is a mental model of reality, to be used to improve your understanding of yourself.

>It sounds like a bunch of "woo-woo" used to sell to crystals to housewives

Oh no - you're thinking of the 300-439 realms:

>>The whole “spiritual/alternative scene”, with all its circus like ways and requisita, plays out mostly within the medium/upper end of 300 – 439.

>Can we discuss what this actually IS and if it's valid before we start assigning arbitrary numbers and chart readings to things?

Certainly. How would you like to start?


>increasing the LOC of ponyville
I confess to be skimming the literature.  It looks like a bit of Maslov's hierarchy plus some Zen spiritualism.  (I need to read Maslov someday).  I'm reminded a bit of Lawrence Kohlberg's system, but this is only roughly similar.

I guess I'd ask, would you say you can increase your level through an act of will or is it more an organic process?


Can you demonstrate an example thread or post which shows signs at say, level 700? What would that look like?


Also, what are the benefits of increasing our level? People enjoyed these threads that you rank at a lower level. Will they get more enjoyment out of threads produced at a higher level? I question the value of your proposition.



I think it's kind of both. If you just sit around and never think about increasing your LOC ever again, then by the end of your life, you can expect to have increased by 10 or 15 points, as this is the direction that the universe is taking us.

If, on the other hoof, you try to increase your LOC through an act of will - if your motivation is coming from the wrong place, you might just end up spinning your wheels or even go backwards initially, in spite of devoting all your time to the effort.

I think it's a balance between willing an increase and being open to letting things mature in their own time as well.

>Can you demonstrate an example thread or post which shows signs at say, level 700? What would that look like?

Good question. It would be hard to tell the intention of a poster at this level just by the thread topic. I think a Level 500+ thread would basically be people authentically sharing and commiserating on the peace and joy in their life. The specific number I would assign the thread would depend on the nature of the dialogue - is it more love-based, more joyful, or more peaceful? Are there nuances in the interactions which might subtly indicate even higher levels of understanding? How natural and unimpeded is the flow of conversation? How many people are using winky faces? Do people argue over the meanings of words (strongly indicating a sub-400 level) or do they seek understanding and communion rather than technical accuracy? With this being an imageboard, we are somewhat limited in what we can convey, but this is what I would look for. It should be a delight to read.

Due to these subtle factors, it would be hard to quickly recreate a post, but if there is any one clear indicator - it is definitely the number of genuine winky faces.

>Also, what are the benefits of increasing our level?

The benefits of increasing up to 200 and greater are less fear and stress, and greater ease, happiness, joy, and peace.

If you're very low already, though - say Apathy/Despair - you will have to work through a bunch of negative emotions before you start to feel better.

>People enjoyed these threads that you rank at a lower level. Will they get more enjoyment out of threads produced at a higher level?

These rankings do not say how much enjoyment any given person will get out of a thread - that will vary depending on the person and their life circumstances. These rankings only look at the thread topic, its implications, content it references, the manner in which it is referenced (ex: is it from a place of "hey - let's hang out and talk about x to kill the time" (Neutrality) or from a place of "hey - let's hang out and talk about how much x sucks" (Desire - a place of neediness), and perhaps the few replies that were shown next to the thread on the front page.

Ultimately, however, people going into threads ranked lower than their current LOC is going to have a negative impact on their LOC. People going into threads ranked higher than their current LOC are going to have a positive impact on their LOC. Of course, the extent of that impact is limited by the media it's displayed on. For example, talking with people you can't see on an imageboard will have less of an impact than talking with people IRL from that same imageboard. But regardless, if the topic and the manner in which it is prsented is the same, the LOC will be the same.

With repeated exposure to high LOC content, a person will begin to feel less fear and anxiety, and greater happiness and peace.


you know, as much as I want to make fun of this, I think there's maybe a lesson to be learned here. I think that an atmosphere could be improved to focus more on optimism for example.

I also find it useful to be able to share feelings of frustration and anger, though, and I think that a dialogue around these feelings is useful for anyone. I consider an image board that can give space to these kinds of emotions, very important.

While a lack of anger for example might point to a place being better than a place with lots of anger present in the community, this is only the case if the anger is not repressed.


File: 1568503565629.png (167 KB, 401x567, 401:567, O50.png) ImgOps Google

I feel that repressing your emotions and holding back your anger makes you a stronger person emotionally.


Is there an extent that you think doing these things might be bad for the psych?

Like, repressing things too much until the person just blows their top one day?

Cause I mean, I could see this working if it was a practiced with care type thing and not just emotionally shutting down.


File: 1568505827256.png (167 KB, 401x567, 401:567, O50.png) ImgOps Google

Logically speaking, emotions only help us because we're social animals. Empathy, anyway. I'm mostly talking out my ass but I do think that a lot of people are overly emotional about a great many subjects, and it does them more harm than good.


I'd agree with Koala. There's a point where you're repressing things, and then there's a point where you're failing to cope.



I agree. I think having a time and place for all your various emotions is the way to go, personally. Personally, i'm a fan of just feeling alone by yourself with various media that will fit the bill for that mood. Think the tub of ice cream sad movie cliche, but for more than just sadness.


Declaring people as just being "emotional" because they say some shit that challenges your views is a very easy handwave. The core human condition of having feelings isn't a good enough reason to shrug off someone's points as irrelevant. If you can disconnect your personal feelings from an issue, good for you: that doesn't mean everyone should be expected to do the same, especially not when they have a personal experience with said issue.


I would absolutely also have to agree that this website has a serious fear of confrontation. The fact it was deemed needed to make an entire anon board as a place to compactly store any disagreements as opposed to letting them naturally end or intervening at the point of necessity speaks volumes

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