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So the rainforest is on fire and it's all over social media.  It generally seems to be regarded as some kind of tragedy, but from what I've heard it was actually set alight on purpose in order to make room for agriculture.  Assuming that is true, is it a good idea to remove portions (or even all) of the rainforest in order to use the land for other purposes?


Personally I would prefer they use other land first, but, I don't really have that much of a problem with using chunks of something as massive as this.

I would be rather surprised if the fire was intentionally caused, though, as that seems really risky to me.
Natural forests do catch fire from time to time, after all, and often enough it's pretty good for the forest. We've actually destroyed quite a few ecosystems because of our overzealous nature of preventing fires. Don't know if that's what happening here, of course. But it is some food for thought.


Just saw this article today that would claim its primarily cattle farmers to cause for the fires.


I don't think it's a great idea to be replacing trees with cattle when we have this whole global warming thing going on.


If that's true, that sounds like a bad idea. The rainforests produce a lot of the world's oxygen. Also, its going to exacerbate the whole climate change thing.

Sounds like a decision motivated by greed rather than science or logic. Like something a Captain Planet villain would do.


This seems like a clear example of what happens when common property is regarded as having zero value and the indigenous peoples have zero rights. Regular citizens move in, take parts of the commons for their own, and then selfishly pursue narrow, short-term interests over the benefit of society as a whole. It's a textbook example of the whole 'tragedy of the commons' thing.

But then this is actively made worse by Brazil's leader, who apparently literally nicknames himself "Captain Chainsaw". Not kidding. Look it up.



Were these not the indigenous people of Brazil?  I'm unaware of the Brazillian population.


The fires are being started by outsiders and other usurpers who are trying to eliminate the indigenous population. It's something rather disturbingly close to ethnic cleansing. See: https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/afraid-indigenous-guardians-brazil-amazon-190827235511318.html



No. Not at all. We need the oxygen, we need the removal of CO2. Plus the cattle are going to be C02 factories, so we're kindof fucking ourselves on both ends here.

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