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Music thread

Post stuff you've been listening to lately













Sunglasses at night or indoors is one of my triggers.


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Maybe the guy is blind.


That's fine.







For some odd reason, I ended up watching a ton of videos with the Erhu. Not sure how I ran in to it at first. Could've been in one channel that does a lot of accordion stuff, since I know they had a due once.
It's such a wonderfully unique sounding instrument, I ended up getting one. It was cheap enough on Amazon, and I have a weakness for interesting instruments.





Song for those late nights.


Been listening to Pentatonix again, and Imagine Dragons a lot.

45 by Shinedown has been on repeat a good amount too.

I haven't really been looking for much new stuff lately, just kind of falling back on old stuff I liked. I figure something will pop up in the feed, or I'll see someone post something that gets me interested.







I can't bring myself to follow the ruuu-les

Chica boom chica boooom

Been stuck in my head all day so I gave in.

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