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So I like the '80s Conan movies but I don't want to watch them again. I do enjoy Barbarian movies but they don't have the same quality as those Conan movies.

Know any good Sword and Sorcery movies?


For example, a movie I'd recommend would be Wolfhound. A russian movie thats like a cross between Conan the Barbarian and Lord of the Rings.
You can find the full movie in english on YouTube.


I remember a TV series of her starring Lucky Lawless along with Hercules played by Kevin Sorbo. Dunno if she had any movies.


Well... there was that animated movie with Herculese and Xena, I've seen that. Was alright.


Yeah if you like Samurai Jack quality of animation you'll like the movie.


I think the movie is only on video. (at the time I mean, you can watch it on YouTube now.)


Depending on your idea of quality, there is stuff like Krull, which IS a cult classic, though I personally find it very messily written. It's still a ton of fun to watch.

In the trashier, low buget end of things, you can find film like Hawk The Slayer or the Deathstalker movies, the latter of which are definitely more Conan-esque considering the first one was quite blatantly a Roger Corman pastiche of it.

While they're not strictly "Sword and Sorcery" as much as Fantasy on an overall level, you could also look into classics like Legend and Willow.

The animated antholog cult classic  Heavy Metal has a long segment that is very Sword and Sorcery.. and full to the brink of sex, nudity and violence, so make sure that's what you're going for.

I haven't personally seen it, but Conquest by Lucio FUlci comes fairly well recommended... but given that it is Lucio Fulci, it might very well be very, very gory. Discretion adviced.


I do enjoy Krull. The spiderweb scene is a very iconic moment in the movie.

I've seen plenbty of trashier, low-budget Sword and Sorcery movies, which is how I've been trying to find pearls amongst them. So far Gor and a movie literally called "Sword and Sorcery" haven't been that great for me.

Might give Conquest a go tonight.


So I watched Conquest... I think... honestly dunno what was going on half the time.


Yeah, that sounds like a Lucio Fulci movie.


I end up not finishing the movie. It was blurry, could barely understand what they were saying and just.... couldn't understand what they were doing most of the time.

Like there was this lady who wears a mask and I think has sex with a snake in order to get visions of the protagonist without a face.


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Beastmaster is pretty good.

On the flipside if you want something that's just Conan but fucking terrible there's Deathstalker.


I've seen Beastmaster, it is good.

Can't recall if I have already seen Deathstalker.


OK, so I've seen Deathstalker which was an alright movie. Not great but wasn't as bad as I thought.

Can't say the same for the sequal which felt more like a rip-off of the first. With an annoying damsel, some sort of wrestling match (suppose to be ancient times) and Conan references. Oh and straight-up reusing footage from the first film.

I decided to watch MST3K take on the third movie, good call given I got more genuine laughs from it.

Can't seem to find the fourth and final movie online, nor Kane the Barbarian, a sort of remake of the first.


I repeat: Sure sounds like a Lucio Fulci movie.


How the fuck did I forget Beastmaster


How reliable in IMDb?


Not much info on it, but supposidly Golden Axe the Movie.

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