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About to start reading the silmarillion, I'm stoked.


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Reading about Tolkien is far more entertaining than trying to actually read Tolkien's writing.


U so meen


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Why?  I love his writings.  He put so much thought into his work, he is an honor to the folk of the north, he looked to the Nordic/Germanic sagas for much of his work.  Durin was one of the first dwarves as well as kings of the Dwarven folk, read the Volupsa sometime.  
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DurinnHe made the cursed sword Tyrfing, which later on caused much havoc.  

Cannot wait to read about my fav race, the elves!  How they were the first born, tended to the plants, loved the happy woodland creatures and valiently fought against Morgoth and all things dark and icky, all while being blond and fabulous!

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