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File: 1555908501774.gif (416.61 KB, 500x343, 500:343, 1508218788_d0aca64ef57b2b8….gif) ImgOps Google

I'm pretty sure this was just a typographical error or a mistake like that, but proofreaders and editors exist for a reason, to catch these types of mistakes.


File: 1555910627923.jpg (56.28 KB, 369x1280, 369:1280, 52db7cddba4b8b0b285e12fe37….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1555916424265.png (211.9 KB, 425x422, 425:422, ah erh.png) ImgOps Google

Proofreading is fake news


What is this thread even about?


File: 1555971077062.png (266.16 KB, 341x465, 11:15, ah 2.PNG) ImgOps Google

About 600% of the Sri Lanka population getting wiped out in the Easter bombings.


When did that happen? I still don't get it.


Trump tweeted '138 million' killed in the bombings. he later deleted it and reposted the same tweet with just '138'.


File: 1555977715670.jpg (81.7 KB, 894x1156, 447:578, D1x8I2zXQAAmHtC.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I'm pretty convinced he's not got those for his twitter.


File: 1555981164620.jpg (71.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1400258926923.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The question is: Why not?  Why does he refuse to let his twits be vetted before being published?


More fun that way? I don't think he takes Twitter seriously. Nor should he, honestly. Twitter's kind of trash.


"Trump does something stupid. In other news water is wet."

He has an inflated ego and honestly thinks people care about what he has to say, and that what he says is intelligent.


File: 1555985966740.gif (239.87 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 8DxmZY6.gif) ImgOps Google


i mean.. because he's a fucking idiot?


File: 1555988574127.png (322.42 KB, 740x768, 185:192, Silverstream 90.png) ImgOps Google

Trump makes a typo trying to address a terrorist attack and garbage Leftists pounce yet when a piece of garbage Leftist like Terry McAuliffe says 90 million people die a day from gun violence nobody says a word.

>He has an inflated ego and honestly thinks people care about what he has to say, and that what he says is intelligent.

Sounds like the last guy we had to suffer through the last eight years with.


File: 1555990304289.png (887.9 KB, 1224x687, 408:229, 9d025c5.png) ImgOps Google

>overestimating trump's intelligence and attention to detail so much to the point of suprise


Is this guy for real?


File: 1555992319550.png (13.75 KB, 345x382, 345:382, I feel the cosmos.png) ImgOps Google

Yeah, I dunno, people make typos and stuff.  Doesn't seem like all that big a deal.


This isn't a "typo".

A typographical includes errors due to mechanical failures or slips of the hand or finger, but excludes errors of ignorance, such as spelling errors or incorrect information.

He did not accidentally type the wrong key, he actually had no idea what he was talking about and gave the wrong information.


File: 1555992737989.png (23.75 KB, 245x296, 245:296, Is that in her ass.png) ImgOps Google


Well, that also happens.  It still got corrected later.


File: 1555992921547.jpg (48.33 KB, 418x698, 209:349, dbc913b.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


a whole word is hardly a typo.

Not a big deal, but it's pretty amusing. Especially when some people try to figure out why it could happen in the first place, as if trump is actually playing 4-D chess and isn't just a nitwit.


I think the reason it's being discussed is that it shouldn't happen when this person is the president. He should either have people fact-check his tweets, or not run his mouth off about things he doesn't understand.

But I mean, Trump intentionally lies constantly about far more dangerous stuff. I think the fact that he can't be bothered to fact check statistics about tragedies is bad, but low on the list of shitty things he is wrong about.


File: 1555993739053.png (62.89 KB, 700x658, 50:47, Oh god it's in the raccoon….png) ImgOps Google

>I think the reason it's being discussed is that it shouldn't happen when this person is the president.

I don't think highly enough of presidents to believe that, I guess.  They're just ordinary people and I don't see a reason to hide that.

>a whole word is hardly a typo.

I dunno, my phone autocorrects whole words in sometimes.

I do think it's a bit of a stretch to consider weird Trump conspiracies over an incorrect tweet.  But then maybe he just wants us to think he's dumb!  *gasp*


There's a wide gulf between "normal person" and "colossal fuckwit".


File: 1555993988979.png (15.53 KB, 565x512, 565:512, This is the part where we ….png) ImgOps Google


Ordinary people are colossal fuckwits.


Then imagine how much of a fuckwit someone has to be to for it to stand out.


File: 1556023213992.jpg (233.58 KB, 720x720, 1:1, cake-song-kyouko.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

It's easier than you think.  There have been many times where I accidentally a whole word.


File: 1556043907949.gif (995.42 KB, 504x504, 1:1, thinking.gif) ImgOps Google

I fail to see the implications of this gaffe on the results of the Mueller Report, which shows that American-citizen-murdering, whistleblower-persecuting, domestic-surveillance-promoting, overseas-meddling-failure, asleep-at-the-wheel not-my-president Obama was the entire reason that Russian election meddling was a thing in the first place, long before the start of Trump's run, AND was allowed to continue through the 2016 presidential election.  all because Democrats can't into diplomacy.


Lock due to political drama.


Weird, dog whistle thread. Should have locked it right away.

You know i love you ponies, but please refrain from playing political games here.

This thread makes me very uncomfortable, and i dislike the implications of it.

Sailboat, my friend, that's totally uncalled for.

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