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I wanted to share this video and see if anyone wanted to talk about it.  It asks a whole lot of questions throughout it's entertaining 40 minute run time, so I won't fill up my post with even more of them.  But if anyone's willing to watch a 40 minute video, I would love to hear people's thoughts on what is discussed within.


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To clarify a doubt

This is going to be a discussion thread only about Brexit or Democracy in general?

Because I'm not british or ukian and I don't know in big details what is happening about brexit in 2019. In my case I'm more focused paying attention, what is doing my lame populist government with their tendency to have socialist ideas  in my country.


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I watched yhis video a while back and found it quite interesting.

Don't remember all of it off the top of my head right now,  what discussion specifically would you like to have based on this?


I'll listen, but as I find British people easily offended, I only get my knowledge of British government from official sources, so any claims about Britain will have to be properly sourced, not hearsay.  As an American I know only that British sovereignty on American soil has ended.


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It's not really about Brexit, it is about Democracy in general.


I don't know exactly, I just wanted an excuse to share the video.


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Brexfest is a very amusing shitshow


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Seems to discuss issues with the idea of democracy as a government form extending agency to all subject individuals.  Of course, democratic government never has, and was never intended to, if we are to respect that human society is valid.


Only about 15 minutes in at the moment, but, it seems to me like he completely misrepresents the quality of democracy. Near as I can tell, most every major philosopher for modern Western society recognized that a true flat democracy doesn't work. we do not vote on every single detail of our government. For good reason, besides the issues of efficiency.
One of the most prominent of which, similar to what he was saying, comes down to location. It's why America has the electoral college. Because otherwise, if you want to run a flat population-based democracy, the only vote that actually matters is the vote within the cities. There is no reason to care about what, say, Arkansas thinks, and so the cities can exploit and oppress them to their hearts content.
at that point, they have no reason to remain in the union. That is how you get secession movements, revolutions, and other major unrest. Usually requiring far more clamping down on them.


also, arrival was a terrible movie. Mostly because of the end, but, outside of making you think, it doesn't really have much going for it. Most of the stuff doesn't really make much sense, either, especially when it comes down to the actions of the particular rogue soldiers, but, my major complaints are mostly how the main character Acts.
I guess it is somewhat realistic in that sense. I smug arrogance scientist who ignores things of basic common Sense, assuming that absolutely anything she thinks must automatically be correct, but, it is a bit annoying when she ultimately is correct. At least as far as what the movie determines.

The whole perspective thing was also really stupid. I think they should have skipped the whole "aliens see time round" nonsense, mostly because it makes the entire point of trying to communicate meaningless. The aliens could effectively just reach into a later conversation for what they need, and be done with it.


>But if anyone's willing to watch a 40 minute video, I would love to hear people's thoughts on what is discussed within.
My eyes glazed over and honestly I don't even remember what I listened to at this point.
I don't recall hearing much of anything about Brexit.


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>they have no reason to remain in the union
That was the reason for the compromise, yes.  One could say -- there are more people in the cities so cities should matter more -- but underpinning that is the  idea that city and rural cultures are different and shouldn't be mixed too liberally, and the Great Compromise serves that purpose now.


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Well I don't think he really touched on direct democracy.  From what I remember, all of what he said still applies to our electoral college.


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Personally, I find cities still have too much power, at least when it comes to states. But, that might just be my particular perspective throwing in some levels of bias.
But, yeah, there has to be compromise if you want to maintain a healthy society, when it comes to different territories. Gotta give them the feeling they have some say. When people feel like they can't change things through peaceful means, they tend to get abrasive.


it used to be a little more fair. The 3/5ths compromise gave a ton of power to farmers

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