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File: 1523878719658.jpg (77.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ReB00t Eps10.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Hey 90s kiddos! You'll probably noticed a few cartoons from our time being rebooted or getting a sequal (questionable quality sequals and reboots, but neverless the likes) so made me wonder, from the cartoons you remember, what shows from the past would you like to see get a sequal/reboot?

Thread doesn't have to be for 90s guys. Early Millenials may recall shows that have ended and like to see continued or rebooted.


For example, would like to see a reboot/sequal of Freakazoid. (With how crazy the show is, I don't think it would matter that much if it was one or the other)


File: 1523885251628.png (30.07 KB, 384x407, 384:407, Boy it sure is hot in here.png) ImgOps Google

Well I'd say Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, but that one's already happening.  SWAT Kats is a good choice that uh...might already be happening.  Reboot already happened (I'm told it was a mistake).  MLP keepg getting rebooted of course, Littlest Pet Shop got a new one, Magic School Bus happened...


It's kinda like how the music business peaked somewhere in the turn of the millenium and is mostly recovers of old songs for awhile.


I wish Storyteller would have a reboot also.

But given Jim Henson Studio was brought out by Disney who made the reboot of Muppet Babies it's actually giving me second thoughts.


File: 1523887903609.png (24.71 KB, 665x868, 95:124, 327712__safe_oc_artist-col….png) ImgOps Google


Tales From the Crypt might be a cool target for a reboot.  Or even just a continuation, since it's just collections of short stories anyway.

I always cite Bots Master as a cool thing that I liked, and I suppose I could see that getting a reboot, but I dunno.  The show was packed with 90s flair, and translating it to the 2010s, or more likely the 2020s, might make it lose the cool factor.


Oooh! Another show I'd like to see rebooted would be the Rottentrolls!

The story goes that in ancient times, over the Yorkshire Dales, Merlin attempted to make a royal ski resort for King Arthur. Instead of conjuring a blizzard he accidentally summoned a cloud of norwegian trolls. In his anger he said "Those rotten trolls have messed it all up!". which those trolls identified as "Rottentrolls" as they settled in Troller's Ghyll.

If they can't have a reboot, the very least a HD rerelease would be nice.


>Merlin attempted to make a royal ski resort for King Arthur. Instead of conjuring a blizzard he accidentally summoned a cloud of norwegian trolls.

Wow, that's sure a plot summary.  If we're talking weird 90s stuff, maybe we could get a reboot of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.  Which is pretty much what it says on the tin.


Never seen this show. I'm more familiar with 90s shows shown in UK. Of course back then I only had 4 TV channels. The last one was in welsh.


File: 1523889928751.png (17.92 KB, 439x460, 439:460, 280162__safe_solo_oc_artis….png) ImgOps Google


I think growing up I had five channels.  Though cartoons were relegated to their usual spots of Saturday mornings and after school.


I remember Satuday morning shows like SMTV Live. I remember when that popular morning shows ratings fell into the toilet when Ant and Dec left. I als remember BBCs Live & Kicking.


Haha! SMTV had sketches where Declan Donnelly read out loud Sabrina the Teenage Witch fanfics!

Back then I didn't know Sabrina the TV series was based off a comic series owned by Archie Comics at the time. Doubt Ant and Dec knew either.


File: 1523890844900.jpg (16.84 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (1).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


>SMTV had sketches where Declan Donnelly read out loud Sabrina the Teenage Witch fanfics!

Oh my god, can you imagine if they did that for MLP?

Hey, here's something they could bring back.  Cool game shows.  I think Legend of the Hidden Temple is an obvious one (so obvious that they sort of brought it back already, but as a movie instead of a game show because they're retarded?).  But what about Masters of the Maze?  I never hear anyone talk about that, but it was amazing at the time and would probably be even better if they did it today.


File: 1523890926523.jpg (24.14 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (2).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Or maybe this one doesn't quite count since it start in the 80s and just continued into the 90s (right up until Masters of the Maze started, coincidentally?).  But this would be similarly sweet to see redone.


Fluttershy's heart was a flutter as it was her boyfriends Epic Mount 18th birthday.:shy1:

Hehe even I wouldn't believe that.

My favourate game show ever was The Crystal Maze.


File: 1523891058569.png (45.02 KB, 616x374, 28:17, That might just be releven….png) ImgOps Google

>The Crystal Maze

Yes, exactly!  That one would be perfect!  Remake it!


I always imagined a crossover between The Crystal Maze and Doctor Who. I can imagine each "zone" of the maze being time periods and Richard O'Brien could be a Time Lord who cross-stitched these zones together.


File: 1523891343344.jpg (20.2 KB, 440x474, 220:237, Money Money Money Money Mo….JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


I'm not really up to date on Doctor Who, but I'd still watch that.  Maybe it would even finally spur me into watching the actual show.


Do you remember Catchphrase? A game show where you have to guess what the animated image means.


File: 1523891859196.png (17.92 KB, 439x460, 439:460, 280162__safe_solo_oc_artis….png) ImgOps Google


I don't know that I ever saw that one.  Interesting, though.  Reminds me of a game the kids play at school.


It was like that game. Was fairly simply, an animation played on a large screen and the contenders take turns guessing what they see which is usually a catch phrase of sort.


File: 1523892175064.jpg (222.22 KB, 1598x1614, 799:807, 1593747__dead source_safe_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Pirates of Dark Water. They didn't even finish finding all of the treasures so it'd be nice if they did that and then maybe reboot it after that.


File: 1523892314681.jpg (55.26 KB, 626x480, 313:240, Sally_and_Bunnie_meet_Naug….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I would like to see an additional season of SatAM given that despite the defeat of Robotnik, it was going to introduce Ixis Naugus as the new main antagonist.


File: 1523892455200.png (17.92 KB, 439x460, 439:460, 280162__safe_solo_oc_artis….png) ImgOps Google


Oh, that's a good choice.  I forgot about that show until like a month ago when I found the SNES game again.  I really vaguely remember really liking the show, but it's all completely drained from my head.


I vaguely rememeber AYAotD. And by vaguely I remember the show was a bit too scary for me to watch at the time.

However I also remember watching Goosebumps TV series at the time which wasn't so scary.


File: 1523894068553.jpg (35.58 KB, 220x339, 220:339, 220px-Exosquad_comic_cover.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1523894765389.png (30.78 KB, 224x438, 112:219, Politely but Firmly Declin….png) ImgOps Google


RL Stine has a Master Class up now where he talks for hours about how he writes and suggests how you write, I suppose.  I really want to listen to it but it is $90, so I haven't dove in on that yet.


I've seen the Goosebumps movie. Not as good as the TV series.

Honestly don't see why Jack Black was needed to play as R. L. Stine when the actual R. L. Stine cameod as the drama teacher "Mr. Black". R. L. Stine himself looks more suitable for the role of a grouchy, secretive neighbour than bubbly Jack Black.


File: 1523895306453.png (24.71 KB, 665x868, 95:124, 327712__safe_oc_artist-col….png) ImgOps Google


I forgot about that movie.  Kinda still want to see it, even if it wasn't as good as the TV series.


File: 1523895796338.png (64.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is happy.png) ImgOps Google

It's fun reminiscing. Though afraid I cannot recall much. I had a rather humdrum and shut in childhood.


I have put this up before, but I'm gonna put it up again:
Weird Science.

A show about 2 teens building the perfect woman with their PC scanning nips of paper.  She then turns out to be magical and can fulfill all of their awkward teenage wishes.

I think with the evolution in technology and the growth of its part in popular culture and a little update with modern humour there are very few shows that I can recall that would benefit as much from a reboot.


I spent like... $9 on this series and had to look up what the ending was supposed to be.

I would be okay seeing this rebooted, but they gotta keep the theme song.


What i it was rebooted but instead of american football players they were british rugby players?

Given King Arthur and his knights were of british lore.


File: 1523909395003.png (441.5 KB, 455x601, 455:601, avatar2.png) ImgOps Google

I would still watch it.

I love the dumb premise, and there was a lot of loving sporking and riffing of it when my brother and I rewatched it.


Theres actually a few adaptions of "modern takes" on King Arthur and whenever it's Americanize it just irks me a little. Then again perhaps American's wouldn't feel the sake if their legends like Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed or John Henry were "Britishized".


File: 1523909910722.jpg (13.62 KB, 745x419, 745:419, smile for me.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I definitely understand that.

Still if there was a remake where Merlin accidentally brought back a rugby team, I would totally get on that.

But the overtly-cool rock theme song should stay. It has no right being so cool, but 90s cartoon shows had weirdly awesome themes.


Yeah, I think I can like this Knights of Justice show, just the whole "American football" thing puts me off somewhat.


File: 1523910840557.png (9.58 KB, 120x140, 6:7, 458 (face).png) ImgOps Google

The premise is really goofy.
And worse when Merlin explains his reasoning as "Well your name is Arthur King therefor you're the best candidate"

It's super doofy but the 90s charm is strong.


Heh, sounds a bit like Rottentroll logic a bit.


File: 1523933152613.jpg (459.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_p6el8o7KRm1u3aklho5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I would like to see a sequel of Courage the Cowardly Dog not a reboot since CN failed to make an acceptable and decent reboot of PPG.

But a reboot I enjoying is Voltron Legendary Defender


I'd hate to see a reboot of Courage and Ed, Edd 'n Eddy from the same blokes who did PPGs, Ben 10 and Teen Titans Go.


File: 1523933445929.png (854.32 KB, 1280x714, 640:357, eating and looking.png) ImgOps Google

That wish I had many years ago were destroyed by the PPG's reboot so I don't want a Courage  reboot if they make it trash.


Yeah, these CN reboots are a real shizer on the fandoms. Though some of the new PPG episodes are decent but dunno if thats some sort of fandom version of stockholms talking.

As in I miss the original PPGs so much that I'm symphasizing and trying to see whats good on the new.


File: 1523941735313.png (461.03 KB, 640x480, 4:3, bob on th ephone.png) ImgOps Google

Yeah so with CN I don't want any reboots.
I prefer all those 90's cartoons being untouchable.

Thanks but no Thanks CN!

Good luck on that search



The only TTGo episodes are like so far is the one that remade that tofu episode and the other one that abridged that old episode.



Boat pls discord me


Wouldn't it be cool if Earthworm Jim's cartoon gets a reboot?

I can imagine Weird Al Yankovic covering the theme.


File: 1523991976492.png (179.18 KB, 508x480, 127:120, medium-14.png) ImgOps Google

The only one I liked was the one with Weird Al as Darkseid


Theyd have to reboot the games first. Theyre not very well known nowadays. Id be ok with that, but only if its 2D like Sonic Mania.


Weird Al mentioned twice in a row in two posts with no connection to each other. Its a Weird Al miracle.


I may not been an Earthworm Jim fan (The first game was more popular on the Mega drive than it was on the SNES) but the Earthworm Jim franchise is still popular.

A Mirac-Al?


It was originally made for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and then was ported to the SNES later. So that version isn't as good. It was also a special edition with extra levels and content for the Sega CD but that version is one of the rarest games for the Sega CD.

If I recall correctly besides the video games and cartoons Earthworm Jim had a comic book series in America is that ran for three issues and there was also a comic book series in England that didn't run very long. But I've never been able to find any evidence of the British comics existing. It was also a toy line, I had a few of those toys.


Okay, these guys actually DID already get a sequel series in 2006 or so, but screw that and screw you. These guys were and still are my jam. I have the majority of the toys on display on my figure shelf and still have two of the danish VHS tapes.

THIS I would like to see beefed up with some stronger story and no goddamn Catatonians, that's for certain.


I remember BMfM, That is a good show.


It is. Sides, it's not entirealy unfitting for pollution-based corrupt executive villains like Limburger to make a resurgence in modern day. O.K. K.O.! alreayd had a Captain Planet episode, so why not?

Plus, they could update a bunch of the random Villains of the Week, make them recurring and beef them up a bit.

I remember one dude in particular that looked like some kinda grizzled cowboy that made metal rust with a touch. Modern writing could make him pretty badass.


I remember that OK KO episode.
Whats chilling about the episode was how despite how campy and whimsical the episode was, the reason why the Planteers disbanded was because they given up. That no matter the efforts, the damage is done to our ozone.

I didn't really believe the hole in the ozone was permanant and looked into it and turns out the ozone layer is slowly and gradually healing, just slower than we're polluting but scientist believe theres still improovement.

(I found it a bit odd that the planeteer to represent "heart" gave up.)


When real world writes the plot, my man.


Yeah, it sucked that despite what Captain planet stood for, that he encouraged the people of his generation to look after their planet, they didn't took account the damage done by the previous and current generation at the time.

Still, while I doubt humanity will stop polluting as much over night, I like to believe it's polluting less. (Though some find pollution a by-product waste for profit and money.)


I was more poking fun at your statement about the Planeteers. Clearly, this was just the one person that was available.


Well, yeah, that too.
But what if Captain Planet gets a reboot? Heck what if Ian Jones-Quartey plead the project! OK KO ocasionally cameos and reference older shows more for tribute than gags, so Ian Jones-Quartey would perhaps be the most ideal CN employee for a reboot.


Dangit, now I wanna draw Diane and Cherry again.


Dunno who they are sorry.


File: 1524011006775.png (9.43 KB, 120x140, 6:7, 470 (face).png) ImgOps Google

The Voltron reboot is excellent.

Oh man did you guys know one of the guys doing the PPG reboot ships his OC with Blossom? And has made that nightmare part of the canon, though said character only shows up when he writes episodes and is ignored otherwise?


Characters from Ian's old webcomic RPGWorld. Where Hero and Galgarion from that "level 100" episode came from.

Wasn't that at least partially debunked? I seem to recall reading an article going into detail in describing that the reason this dude looks like the writer was a joke from some of the animators he wasn't aware of at first.


File: 1524011480271.png (8.3 KB, 80x80, 1:1, S2 Setsuna C.png) ImgOps Google

Is it? I didn't see there was an article afterwards. Shows what I get for believing things on the internet.


I am PRETTY sure, but I dunno where to look for it at the mo.


File: 1524011946234.png (19.53 KB, 160x160, 1:1, 00722.png) ImgOps Google

I looked for it, though I'm hesitant to believe kotaku's article. I have no idea what to think.


File: 1524011982044.png (1.22 MB, 882x665, 126:95, Jake Goldman is Jared.png) ImgOps Google

Oh yeah I know of that.
When I found out about it, I cringed so hard.

In various interviews Jake Goldman, a writer for the show, admitted his adoration of Blossom and all but he actually got an OC that resembles him and ships them in the cartoon.

I remember that webcomic! I remember reading it up until it stopped smewhen before the conclusion of the final boss.

And whenever Jake Goldman knew about it or not, he should of put a stop to it.

If for some bizarro reason Hasbro permitted me to script an episode of MLP:FiM and permitted my OC Epic Mount to have a major role in said episode, the last thing I would do would be to ship Epic Mount with Fluttershy.
Yes, I love Fluttershy, I do ship him with Epic Mount, but I know where to draw the line with fanon and canon.

If it was indeed true and became aware of it, don't you think he should of at least nip it in the bud than make it a reoccuring thing throughout the series?
Keep in mind that the PPGs are suppose to be around 5-7 years old physically. Jake Goldman is in his 30s? Yes his character Jared is supposidly around the same age as Blossom but still kiinda wierd. (Still better a cartoon child than a real one.)

I hope in a future PPG episode, Brick from RowdyRuff Boys kick his ass... and Blossom be thankful for it.


I dunno, I just remember reading that and prefer to have some benefit of the doubt.

Yeah, dude got fed up. I recently re-read the whole thing and enjoyed it immensely, though. Still a favorite webcomic of mine.


File: 1524012230090.png (9.58 KB, 120x140, 6:7, 458 (face).png) ImgOps Google

It still makes me cringe pretty hard. It's super bad.

that's fair


File: 1524012359342.png (309.58 KB, 933x1299, 311:433, EpicShy nuzzle by Niksie.png) ImgOps Google

And I know I am being somewhat hypocritical given I ship EpicShy and all, but way I see it the concept of maturity for ponies is different from human. Ponies can be a prissy little princess, whine about stuff and goof off with her friends all the while turning her fashion career into a chain business.
I have no excuse for EqG though, I pretty much made a version of me half my actual age just for it to be suitable for EqG settings.

But as I said if Hasbro give me the power to do so, I wouldn't make EpicShy legit because I don't think it's right of me to force it on MLP:FiM audience.

Pity he hasn't decided to finish it eventually.

It is terrible and one of the many things thats killing the PPG franchise. If it wasn't for whoever it is behind PPGs and TTGo, these series wouldn't get more than 20 episodes by now.


Well, he at least gave it an official farewell in OK KO.


Yeah, or as official as it's allowed. I know the plaza spans multiverses but hard to pin whats canon or not when it comes to such cameos. They are still welcomed though.


My little brother loved the Biker Mice From Mars. I'm not sure he knows about the 2006 reboot, though. Or the Playstation 2 game.

A very close friend of mine was really into webcomics in the late 2000s. I think RPGWorld was one of them. Are you telling me that a webcomic artist actually went on to do something legitimate? That's insane!


I tried making my own webcomic once. Even with just one page a week, keeping a schedule and making quality content was too difficult. I never got anything off the ground.



Literally everyone that does anything creative starts somewhere, doing smaller things.

You basically just insinuated that internet artists are supposedly inherently incapable of going anywhere in life.


I've heard the Voltron reboot is good, but the fandom is terrible. Like, I heard that they let a fan on a tour of the animation studio, and that person leaked secret pictures and information about the show and said they'd only take it down if the animators put two of the characters into a gay relationship. Yikes.

What was the deal with that guy? I don't watch the PPG reboot because it's made for children who grew up with smart phones and have the attention span of fruit flies. I hate how manic modern cartoons like Teen Titans Go! are.


File: 1524015936670.png (1.41 MB, 997x1280, 997:1280, i feel so attacked.png) ImgOps Google

Oh yeah, the fandom is really toxic.
The few people I interact with in it are nice, but we kinda stay away from the main group.

Also the new Zarkon is pretty hot. The show has called me out on this a lot.


I wouldn't judge a whole fandom by just an individual. Surely other Voltron fans defended the studio.

Well, I dunno if Jake Goldman knew of Jared at first or not, but the show pretty much shipped Jared and Blossom.
And not in a convincing sort of way. Blossom was thirsty for him the moment he was introduced, with no real presmise or so.
If Jake Goldman was aware or not, he allows it to reoccure throughout the series. He hasn't put a stop to it and it feels like no one in PPGs production really care for quality or continuty.

As I said at >>727266 I know I sorta do the same thing, but if Hasbro given me the oppotunity to do so I wouldn't force EpicShy like PPG does for Jared and Blossom.


I can't draw worth a shit. I always thought people who could are very lucky. To be able to think up something crazy and then show that thought to other people is almost like a super power. I think up all sorts of stuff all the time, but they are trapped in my own brain.

Just not something I was expecting, because I don't normally follow webcomics. Not after the time I read that weird gritty anime-style webcomic with the all the cartoon network characters in it.


Maybe I'll check it out sometimes, but I'll probably have to check out the original Voltron first just for context.

Who's Jared?


File: 1524016235832.png (1.22 MB, 882x665, 126:95, Jake Goldman is Jared.png) ImgOps Google

I can draw. I can draw up at least a page of a comic. But doing it weekly and on schedule, thats a hassle.

The name of Jake Goldmans (a writer for the new PPG) OC.


Ok, you're still talking like I know anything about the show or the character. You do that sometimes.

So, they added a character with PPG called "Jared", who is the OC of Jake Goldman (is this confirmed, or fan speculation?) who is dating Blossom?  Is "Jared" Blossom's age?


I figured you've been keeping up with the thread where I explained all this already. It starts >>727227 if you want to catch up.

But to your questions:
>So, they added a character with PPG called "Jared", who is the OC of Jake Goldman
Yeah. Some accounts say Jake Goldman wasn't initially aware of this, others say he was responsible for it to begin with. Eitherway it's still a reoccuring thing throughout the series.
>(is this confirmed, or fan speculation?)
confirmed, given theres a few episodes with Jared in them. Mostly of Blossom pining for him.
>who is dating Blossom?
Early episodes of Jared has Blossom thirsty for Jared. In the episode "Snow Month" Jared said he wasn't ready for a relationship but later episodes they're still shipped together.
>Is "Jared" Blossom's age?
Yeah Jared is obviously younger than Jake Goldman and Jake doesn't voice Jared (I was wrong, PPG wiki says he is voicing Jared). They attend the same school together and kinda difficult to say how older he is to Blossom given the PPGs are suppose to be toddlers or something.


Well that's just bizarre...

...we all know Buttercup was the cute one!


File: 1524017354580.png (373.82 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Joxgdmej4jsecjksksr6.png) ImgOps Google

Yeah. But theres just too many things wrong with this new PPGs cartoon that I dunno where to begin. Even with such obvious problems like Jared, Bliss, what the shows lacking, what it's compensating for etc. It just feels like... I dunno, a cheap knock-off despite that it has the same, perhaps more of a budget than what the original series had.

And if you dunno what half I'm on about, don't worry, PPGs just a ruined reboot.


Well, like I said earlier  I don't watch the PPG reboot because it's made for children who grew up with smart phones and have the attention span of fruit flies. I hate how manic modern cartoons like Teen Titans Go! are.


I grew up watching the original series (more or less, I find it hard to pin-point when my childhood ended and adulthood begins since I have the mental-state of half my age) Same goes for Teen Titans, so it's really difficult to see the abominations of favourite shows been made into these.

You are right that these reboots were made for a more modern and younger audience but these shows should have taken in mind the established fans from the original series. If anything PPGs and TTGo doesn't just insult my intellect as a fan of the original series but I find it insulting to the intelligence of the modern audience.

In yet for some reason there is still modern fans who like these shows, for some reason TTGo has lasted almost twice as long as the original series and for some reason it's now going to cinema, with it's trailer establishing how funny fart jokes are.


File: 1524018033967.png (156.85 KB, 828x966, 6:7, 1413691220542.png) ImgOps Google

Here's a picture someone drew of Oshino Shinobu in Powerpuff Girls style.


Still better than Bliss from the new show.


I don't know who that is.

> since I have the mental-state of half my age

Wait, what? Are you exaggerating or is that like, a clinical thing?


File: 1524019082858.png (199.05 KB, 569x537, 569:537, shinobu-139968973844.png) ImgOps Google

>I don't know who that is.
She's the super-kawaii donut-loving loli vampire from Bakemonogatari.                                                                                 


Perhaps exaggeration. I'm told I behave younger than I really am. Or maybe I'm perfectly healthy adult? I dunno, I'd rather not think too much o it in case I do not like the answer.

Ooh I've seen her around.


Ok, why the fuck is "loli vampire" something that keeps coming up in anime? I know for a fact she's not the first one.

Oh, ok. I was just wondering if it's a real thing like with LostPony.


File: 1524019238147.png (43.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is lurking.png) ImgOps Google

Should I ask?


File: 1524019357166.png (246.55 KB, 563x548, 563:548, shinobu.png) ImgOps Google

Vampire fangs can be kawaii :3


LostPony is an adult man older than me, but he's got severe autism and probably other things, so he has the emotions of a 5 year old.

He's openly admitted such on the board several times, and knowing that may help you interact with him, so I see no problem sharing that information.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST: 1 Hour, Rule 0, 1. User has been previously warned. Post identified as potentially conflict creating. Ban for 1 hour issued, in response.)


I don't see the appeal.


File: 1524019652449.png (243.47 KB, 555x555, 1:1, um i can't talk.png) ImgOps Google

Alright, but saying he has the "emotions of a 5 year old" is totally unacceptable, Manley.

That's very disrespectful. And your tone there wasn't really respectful, even excepting that insult you made.


File: 1524019655646.jpeg (116.57 KB, 880x1200, 11:15, 436453E5-62D9-4E51-84C1-4….jpeg) ImgOps Google

That’s nice to know


I think I remember him around here now but only interacted with him a few times. So I can't say if I agree with you on his behavior or not.

I have aspergers syndrome myself and I'll admit I perhaps have a mental state a third or at least half behind my actual age. But I'm aware of my age. I don't hang around parks or try to socialise with older teens because I know how creepy that will be.
But I'm just not the sort for pubs or... whatever it is full grown men do for social activities.

It's like how I feel about Halloween. I'm physically too old for trick or treating but I'm just not interested in those Halloween parties with cheap costumes and cheaper alcohol.



>Alright, but saying he has the "emotions of a 5 year old" is totally unacceptable, Manley.
I think Manley was pretty much quoting what LP himself said.  I think LP used almost those exact words to describe himself.


But that is how LostPony has described it himself. I am just repeating what I was told, Moony.

If this was taken as me trying to insult him, then that was not my intent. I apologize. I think we should let LP comment on >>727440 and confirm or deny any claims I have made in it for future reference.



Yeah, and it was an exaggeration of his own emotional sensitivities.


So how should we address this in a way that wont' get us banned? LP never responded.


Um, we could returen on topic and see how it goes.

But I dunno what else to talk about. That and I need to be off soon.


File: 1524101726438.jpg (108.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mayoi-fang.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

It's considered kawaii in Japan.

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