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Zuckerburg isn't a robot, he's a sociopath.


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People need to stop using this word so loosely I'm tired of seeing a rare condition being applied to so many people without real basis.



Especially people who believe the stigma, that anyone who has a mental health issue is less than a person, is to be feared, is "crazy".


If you knew anything about his personal life, you'd know he has a diminished ability to feel empathy.


That isn't the only disorder that involves lower empathy.


It's just easier to call someone a "sociopath" than to say "This guy seems completely incapable of feeling empathy."

But fine, have it your way. This guy seems incapable of feeling empathy. I wouldn't be surprised if he has some sort of mental disorder causing that.


I doubt he's incapable hence why I said lower.


Actually believe the Zuck is incapable of feeling empathy?

I don't.  I think he's just an asshole like most people and doesn't have to care who he hurts.

But i don't know the guy.  

Manley's the expert on empathy around here.


Without knowing the guy personally, from an outside viewpoint he seems incapable. Keep in mind he became rich by stabbing everyone he knew, including former friends, in the back and stealing credit for things he didn't create. Then paying off those people once he was rich. It was calculated, no remorse. The whole reason this is a meme is because of how detached and unemotional he seems while speaking in person.

Guy's evil, dude.


Thats not accurate.  The idea was muddled up with that of the Harvard brothers but he took their money to create the project so the IP belonged to them.

His thirst for power motivated him to disregard the consequences but there's no evidence he felt nothing.



Also even if that was so, it doesn't mean he never felt anything in his life. Lots of people do all kinds of messed up stuff every single day across the world without a care but that doesn't make them all sociopaths.


You forgot about his friend who helped him start Facebook who he cut out who also sued him. He payed him off too. His friendship matter less to him than money. That's evil.

I don't believe that. Anyone who could do something terrible to someone else is someone who you should watch, because they only care about you when it works out for them.


Well I didn't say you shouldn't be careful, I'm just saying I don't think they have to entirely lack empathy.


Im not forgetting that part, thats what i was talking about.

Harvard boys had it coming and as business majors failing to memorialize the terms in writing they kinda had it coming, lucky they got paid.



Manley likes to apply labels from his armchair perspective and staunchly refuses to read up on the topic.

Perhaps he fears learning about his own mental health.  People with mental health issues are "crazy" or "evil".

Best not to quibble with him unless you want a lot of defensive resistance.


No. Not the Harvard Boys. I mean Eduardo Saverin, the co-creator of Facebook. He screwed him over too.

You need to cut that out right now, or I'm reporting you. I am allowed to discuss this on the board.


>His friendship matter less to him than money. That's evil.
That's clearly false as a general statement.  If someone is poor and struggling to provide for his family but has an opportunity to move far away to get a good job, taking that opportunity isn't evil even if it means never seeing your old friends again.


I just said not the harvard boys.  Please read stuff before snapping at me.

Go ahead, report me for pointing out you like to use terms you don't know shit about to label people.  This little threat of yours is exactly the kind of defensive aggression i'm talking about and you should be examining yourself first, and forget about Zuckerberg.

Sorry anon, i guess i've been asked to leave.  Nice talking to you.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Those two scenarios are clearly not the same, though.

Didn't ask you to leave. Asked you to stop making assumptions about MY mental state while simultaneously telling me not to do the same to a famous celebrity.


>Those two scenarios are clearly not the same, though.
I didnt claim that they were.  I just pointed out that the general claim you made is false.


Ok, well, yeah. I guess there are some circumstances where that's not true !00% of the time. But I feel like, in this particular case with Zuckerburg, it shows how evil he is.


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>Harvard boys had it coming and as business majors failing to memorialize the terms in writing they kinda had it coming, lucky they got paid.

I gotta say, that's kinda cold.


>This guy seems incapable of feeling empathy.
I don't think you have real evidence to support that.  By your reasoning, every single criminal who commits a *malum in se* offense completely lacks empathy.


Thats business


Well, if you don't record the details of the proposed business deal, isn't it quite foreseeable that different parties will have different understandings of what exactly the details of the deal are?


File: 1523908943962.png (13.75 KB, 345x382, 345:382, I feel the cosmos.png) ImgOps Google


Maybe.  I mean, I don't know what the details even sounded like.  But to just say "Well there we no legal obligation so they deserved it." seems too harsh.


Criminals DO have limited empathy, tho...

Yeah, almost like it's evil or something.


Limited, yes.  But you claimed that Zuck is a sociopath and *completely incapable* of empathy.


Then I correct that statement for the sake of the pedantic.

Based on the information I have, I would make the assertion that Mark Zuckerburg has a limited capacity for empathy.



Considering the fact that something like only 5% of criminals could be diagnosed with any mental disorder, I think it's highly doubtful that all criminals have a diminished capacity for empathy.

Hardly takes a special condition to ignore your own empathy for another person. Sometimes all it takes is a little self deception and self justification. How do you think it is soldiers can kill on the battlefield despite their capacity for empathy? They are convinced that they are justified, oftentimes justified by the empathy they feel for those they see themselves as protecting.

So I think maybe concluding that Zuckerberg is a sociopath is not necessarily rationally justified without further evidence.

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