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In the spirit of our music thread(s) and thread(s) sharing cartoons to watch, how about having a thread to share infographics as well as neat videos where we can learn new things about the world?

I'll start with this interesting clip that explains a phenomenon known as the 'Coastline Paradox'.

>A note. I want to keep this as reasonably non-ideological and non-political as possible. I understand that such topics can bleed into many different fields of study. It's a matter of purpose. I'm looking for things such as "This is how the AK-47 was first designed", not "This is why gun control rules/sucks". Thanks.


One I thought was alright from my area of comms. Shamir's secret sharing it pretty similar to how Reed Solomon coding works too.


pfft, all someone has to do is walk around the coast of Britain with a long tape measure.


Well, since you've brought up music, I had found this guy's channel fairly recently and besides generally being quite entertaining, it's gotten me in to the whole audio quality thing.
Never really payed much mind, before. I knew there's a difference, but I never understood the details, and certainly never forked over the money.
Now I have myself a pair of 280 pros, and no longer use youtube downloaders for my music.

Of course, as soon as I told my sister, she started trying to one up me. But, fortunately, I'm not competitive.


This is a pretty interesting and useful video if you have a GameBoy Color and noticed a buzzing sound when you listen with headphones.
I haven't done it yet, but it's on my to-do list.


Interesting bit about the 1up fanfare sound glitch in SMB3. This channel has other really cool videos that explain how older Nintendo systems work and what happens when things don't work the way they ought to.



This is my kind of thread!

Here's a video explaining how everybody is truly a unique and special individual.


Here's a totally interesting clip about the Second World War that's well worth watching.


This video in particular is utterly fascinating, thanks for posting!


ooh fun!

i'll share something that i guarantee that most people in this thread probably haven't heard of. In internal systems of martial arts like Tai Chi, Bagua, HsingYi, and Baji, there is a very crucial thing called "Fajin" which in english is close to "rebounding force" and it's how to develop and use relaxed, yielding, and coiling energy against your opponents effectively.

unlike normal force, it works more like a whip or a pendulum, where the strength and speed is generated by the body twisting and generating "shaking" energy


That sounds like quite an important thing to get a handle on before one progresses much in martial arts, for sure. Mind over matter and all. I'll check out that video in a quick moment.

Hmmmmmmm... oh, on the topic of 'compelling force and energy', here's a clip that talks about that time when it rained for two million years:


I programmed shamir's secret sharing scheme at my old job! Had to learn all about legrange polynomials. It was fun!

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