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If you visit my island in Animal Crossing, please ignore the alligator dressed as a cheerleader...

Its a long story!


Absolutely not.

Cheerleagator needs love.


Her name is Gayle


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Just don't ask her about the top of Star Mountain. The space which island locals call "Make-Out Point".


She is now Cheerleagator.


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And it's a tale that definitely needs to be told.

Dish, would you?


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Sadly, Cheerleagator's invitation to makeout point was an April Fool's joke.


And then she got mad and got psychic powers and killed everyone?


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That's how it usually goes, right?


Every damn time.


I had an extra Cheerleader outfit for reasons I'm not willing to disclose. I gave it to Gayle to see if she'd wear it. She spends most of her time studying, I didn't think she would! But she put it on. We'll see if she continues to wear it around town, the perv.

I feel bad for anyone who was at that prom and wasn't in on the whole "humiliate Carrie" plot. If I got burned alive because someone else decided to be a dick to the spawn of Satan I'd be pretty pissed off!


>Calling Carrie the spawn of Satan
Well that's the most "the exact opposite of the point of the whole story" statement I have seen in a while.


I thought it was implied that her mom was in a Satanic cult before becoming super religious and that that was connected to how Carrie was born.

I might be conflating a different movie, though. I'll have to sit down and re-watch it.


Nope. She and her husband formed their own church beause none of the existing ones were extreme or fundamentalist enough to fit their own outrageous views.

And in the books, the story is interspersed with news articles about other children acros the nation displaying psychic powers.

And regardless of that, the literal entire point of the story is that ANYONE can snap like Carrie did and lash out in incredibly violent ways, even towards people who did nothing wrong, when pushed far enough by the abuse they suffer. That their actions don't become less monstrous, but guilt also lies with those that relentlesly pushed them to that point to begin with for no reason beyond stroking their own fragile self worth.

So calling her "the spawn of Satan" boils a story of abuse, bullying and a complete emotional break down to "she kil cuz she ebil lul"


Ok, i'll have to re-watch it. But then what the heck movie was I thinking about?

I don't think being abused excuses hurting people who don't deserve it. It happens, but it doesn't make it OK. You can't use your abuse as and excuse to abuse. So what Carrie did was still wrong. And I'd still be mad if I was a kid at that party who didn't even know Carrie. Well I mean, I'd be terrified and then dead, but you get my point.


Potentially Evilspeak, which is largely considered a "Male version" of Carrie, as it is also about a youth, this time male, who takes supernatural revenge on his bullies. THat one DOES feature the titular kid finding a book (and a computer... it was the 80s) of black magic that allows him to summon creatures to take said revenge.

It doesn't excuse anything.  THat's not the point. I literally just said -exactly- that.

>"That their actions don't become less monstrous, but guilt also lies with..."

Please actually read posts.

The book makes it clear Carrie has revenge fantasies before she snaps. Several film versions imply that no one actually was laughing when the prank happened and she simply percieves it as such because for the entirety of her life, practically everyone she interacts with in any meaningful way have been cruel to her while the book states that far from all did, and some of those that did likely did so out of shock.

The films do make her slightly more sympathetic, but the story ALWAYS makes it clear that while Carrie is definitely a villain protagonist, she was created because others were cruel to her. Hence cycle of abuse. None of it is right. But these types of outbursts rarely come completely out of thin air.


Bully revenge movies can be dangerous if the movie forgets that the point is supposed to be that seeking out revenge on bullies makes YOU the bully. Even if they deserve it. I've seen that be forgotten in a few movies.

I saw a movie called "Chronicle" about 3 teenagers who get psychic powers that does that message well by using the iconography of super hero stories. Like, it shows that act of seeking revenge itself, even if the people who were abusing him definitely deserved retribution, leads you down a path of being just as bad. And by using the iconography of super heroes, it makes that very clear because everyone is familiar with how a super villain origin looks and plays out.

Don't accuse me of not reading things. It's possible to mistake something or miss something even if you're reading things. It's needlessly antagonistic when I'm just trying to have a conversation about how we interpreted a work of art.

Ok, "villain protagonist" makes a little more sense.  The message is that what she did was definitely bad and evil, but it didn't come out of thin air. So I'm guessing that... the innocent people at the dance are supposed to say that... when abused people finally snap and lash out, they don't just hurt the people who hurt them. Innocent people can get caught in the crossfire, and that's why the cycle of abuse is bad. That's how I'd take that, anyway.  Like I said, I'll have to sit down and watch Carrie again. And then Christine.

Not that Christine has anything to do with Carrie, it's just a cool movie. It's about an evil car that comes to life.


I responded that way due to a pattern of you often seemingly outright ignoring points in posts responding to you. But still, that was jumping the gun, so fair enough, sorry.

But yes. There's a reason one of the survivors --the one girl who felt bad for Carrie - tried to help her have a magical night, but is still plagued by survivor's guilt and trauma-induced nightmares of Carrie coming to get her by the end of the story. To show that this shit carries on.

King himself has made it very clear that Carrie is not to be idolzied and compared her directly to the Colubmine killers, for instance. The whole thing is a tragedy, and that's the point.


>King himself has made it very clear that Carrie is not to be idolzied

People still do, though. Which is probably why I had the take I had because I didn't remember the movie very well. But that makes more sense.

It's debatable whether the Columbine killers were motivated by abuse though. Sure, some of the other kids made fun of them, but what the media at the time didn't really talk about was that they were motivated by White Supremacist ideologies they were exposed to online. Prototypical versions of what would become the Alt-Right movement.

Didn't they make a crappy sequel to Carrie in the 90s?


There are always going to be people who take the wrong thing away from something. That is hardly relevant.

Bringing them up is NOT about claiming they were motivated by abuse. IT was about equating the sheer destruction they caused as a result of whatever they personally felt - as incorrect as it may have been - justified it. There is more than one angle to most things, dude.

They did. Carrie 2: The Rage.
But one out of four movies being bad is a pretty good track record. The others are, if not always amazing. pretty good all around.


Well maybe not relevant to the movie itself, but definitely relevant to how it's talked about and remembered retroactively.

Fair enough. I apologize.

There's 4 movies about Carrie? What are the other two? Also, I was talking to my brother about that with the Rocky movies.

There's 8 movies in the franchise and only 1 of them is bad! That's an amazing track record! Not even Star Wars can say that!


It's one of the most famous anti-bullying story in popular culture, man. It's plot progression is up there with "Darth Vader is Luke's father" i terms of "everyone knows where this story goes". It was passed around between women after King initially threw away the script because they recognized and empathized with Carrie's plight at the beginning of the book, caused his wife to pressure him into telling the rest of the story and then became the launchpad of the entire rest of his career.

It is definitely NOT remembered by anything remotely resembling a majority as "Haha shitheads get what they deserve":

The 1976 original, a 2002 TV remake the aforementioned sequel, and the 2013 theatrical remake.

The remakes may not be quite as groundbreaking as the first, but all of them are quite fair and keep the core of the story intact. So again, I'd say the only one that's a studio-mandated sequel that had no basis on a book being the bad one seems a pretty solid track record.


If she gave away her safety vest, does that mean she's no longer an investigator?


She doesn't need a life jacket. She's an alligator.




Is it a reference to Harry Potter or something? I was already in high school when those movies came out.


File: 1596252193019.png (157.54 KB, 435x360, 29:24, you are a wonderful pony.png) ImgOps Google

awww... she has a little heart on her face.


Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog.

Don't worry though I'm just teasing with the woosh comment.


Gayle is a cutie.

...for a reptile!


File: 1596317821318.png (153.87 KB, 584x709, 584:709, explain 2.png) ImgOps Google

she doesn't want you to drown


File: 1596317871646.jpg (71.9 KB, 731x719, 731:719, explanation.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

in pussy


File: 1596321948434.gif (876.86 KB, 500x281, 500:281, Regular Show Ooooh.gif) ImgOps Google


She's an alligator. No one in their right mind would have sex with an alligator!


>Implying Wally Gator is not an unrivaled sex God


File: 1596392651628.png (466.79 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 4f1.png) ImgOps Google

Reminds me someone is missing around here.

She's pink.  No explanations required.

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