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Music Thread



this has become the song of my life lately, i think. it has been a favorite commuting song of mine for a while, back when i did commute!

but, now i think, in general, i am learning to accept how hard things must be, and am growing to be okay with it



File: 1594399005634.png (47.2 KB, 457x507, 457:507, 74582__safe_rule%2B63_arti….png) ImgOps Google


Well I hope you get at least some of the things you want.


File: 1594400632523.png (157.54 KB, 435x360, 29:24, you are a wonderful pony.png) ImgOps Google

...me too, but i try not to be too hopeful about it. regardless of whether i get what i want... i know for sure that i always get what i deserve... for better, or worse.

that is a nice song, dragoni! i have never heard it before!


I've been on a bit of a vibe as of late
Not sure what genre to call it, but things like this




This makes me want to be a better person.

Synthwave I guess.

I'm not sure what this song has to do with stuxnet but that was a pretty cool story.











trippy video for a decidedly non-psychedelic song


Have a little early 2010s art pop


a little art pop from last year




File: 1594589324690.gif (2.27 MB, 500x409, 500:409, 12341314.gif) ImgOps Google





i love 80's remixes c:


E haw ponies.



Really need to listen these guys more.














Been a while since I listened to these guys. Pretty good still.




File: 1595214328450.png (91.57 KB, 900x520, 45:26, tiny ewes.png) ImgOps Google

come on fhqwhwgads!




CW: Creepy experimental music




File: 1595297783053.png (157.54 KB, 435x360, 29:24, you are a wonderful pony.png) ImgOps Google

andrea, do you know anything about this genre, it is called, psychedelic soul? i have listened to some lately, and i really enjoy it, it helps me feel far away



You mean like this guy?


like this one!



I'm not sure if this is psychedelic soul. It's certainly pretty disco-esque though.

When I think of psychedelic soul I think of stuff like classic Sly & The Family Stone like this.



Psychedelic soul was often also closely associated with funk, especially psychedelic funk, you know, the kind of stuff George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic were doing in the 70s.


File: 1595300819251.png (130.85 KB, 401x433, 401:433, Happy shy 4.png) ImgOps Google

this sounds like regular soul, to me! but then, i also admit, i do not know the difference too much

i like disco!



This one popped up on my Weekly Disover List on Spotify yesterday, and I've already gotten pretty into it




for anyone who is a Hazbin Hotel fan! and also for those who aren't ^^



File: 1595684322540.jpg (75.68 KB, 998x1047, 998:1047, 884a44b9ed27894df661e9df0f….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Trusting men


Been waking up with this stuck in my head multiple days in a row now



This one's been stuck in my head for the past week or so.











A music thread?
Here's a music.


Good song.












File: 1597463083787.png (180.21 KB, 371x315, 53:45, 67675.png) ImgOps Google






Thanks old buddy. :)




Love me some gunship.




Gotta love Countess Coloratura




satelliiiiite (satelliiite) oooooooooof
satelliiiiite (satelliiite) oooooooooof
satelliiiiite (satelliiite) oooooooooof
satelliiiiite (satelliiite) oooooooooof

(I've had this song stuck in my head half the day and now I have it on repeat)








Alice is in chains, Alexis is on fire. All these poor women.








Don't you think it's kinda cute that I died right inside your arms tonight?


So long as no accusations are made.

















Fire is motion.
Is motion growth?


Walking in circles is motion.




I'll admit I'm a sucker for a romance song.

I didn't invent the greek alphabet.


Or.. I suppose it depends on perspective?
To the one doing it it seems like motion, possibly even growth for a few laps.
To someone far away it might not even seem like motion?
Eh... Here's another song.

Tessa has some complicated stuff going on if you compare it to >>1051733 and some of her other songs.


Complicated if it's all about the same person at least.


Cave town is always cool.

Eyeh, romance can be complicated.








File: 1599444102477.png (48.66 KB, 358x362, 179:181, abracadabra its trixei.png) ImgOps Google

I went to Goodwill today and didn't find a lot of interesting stuff, but I did find A Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay, which is a pretty good album.





Whenever I get high, I get fixated on a song and then play it on repeat for a few hours. This time it's Head Over Heels.


The entire album Songs from the Big Chair is solid.



I love everything about this song, but especially that little "Here we go/metra-nome"


Let's go out with a bang~





I feel like AJR should be famous.
But I guess they're okay with that not being the case.

















inspired by Esh's latest video










Pretty sure this guy did some alright stuff for the ghost in the shell recent live action remake.


I wouldn't know. Never watched the movie. I find his songs are relatable.


mm, never looked that hard into his stuff. Maybe I should. In what way do you find it relatable?

I was confused anyway. I was thinking of another artist Ki Theory.


The lyrics address isolation and paranoia. The samples used in some of the songs have a familiarity to them, like I've heard them somewhere before.


Enough deviating from the thread's subject. Posting music.


Fair enough. I get that sense from his music. Try not to be too paranoid.














I haven't seen the show. But Lumity seems pretty cute.





All this talk of Super Mario 64 lately with the SM3DAS release got me remembering the file select music.
















>Saint Motel
I see you're a person of culture as well.




"The Beach Boys is great American music!"



Really liked the how most of Grand Theft Auto III and Liberty City Stories soundtrack was comprised of original tracks (well, 1 and 2 were as well)



And the saga of Lazlow Jones, I replayed all the GTA's just to listen to all his radio stuff, it's hilarious.











this song has been stuck in my head tonight

and i think, i want to sing it sometime


Zeke Roa gets the sneak peak of the good music weeks before I share it on here...


that came with the computer some years ago





Something new.


something old


Found this one today. It is my work song today.












Bad bad dreams....


Something poppy.




My mistake. I meant to post this one.


Well, great. Now the thread is completely ruined!



Such is my life. Things have been falling apart all around me, so as long as I keep smiling I'll have a good time on this trainwreck of a year. Nice song!






File: 1603307743109.png (23.78 KB, 324x326, 162:163, PseudoFox_greetings_by_Wea….png) ImgOps Google


That's an excellent playlist you have there Pseudo! Since we're sharing playlists, here's Ashes are Burning by Renaissance. Hope everyone likes it.




File: 1603354144859.png (271.46 KB, 1512x1925, 216:275, PseudoFox_picture_by_Spoof.png) ImgOps Google

Have listened to the first two songs! I'm liking what I'm hearing! Thank you!

Here's another playlist of mine to check out:



My favourite thing about this song is how much they hate LA.



>Big D And The Kids Table
nice. Do you listen to a lot of ska/ska punk?



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