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Music Thread
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Really need to listen these guys more.














Been a while since I listened to these guys. Pretty good still.




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come on fhqwhwgads!




CW: Creepy experimental music




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andrea, do you know anything about this genre, it is called, psychedelic soul? i have listened to some lately, and i really enjoy it, it helps me feel far away



You mean like this guy?


like this one!



I'm not sure if this is psychedelic soul. It's certainly pretty disco-esque though.

When I think of psychedelic soul I think of stuff like classic Sly & The Family Stone like this.



Psychedelic soul was often also closely associated with funk, especially psychedelic funk, you know, the kind of stuff George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic were doing in the 70s.


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this sounds like regular soul, to me! but then, i also admit, i do not know the difference too much

i like disco!



This one popped up on my Weekly Disover List on Spotify yesterday, and I've already gotten pretty into it




for anyone who is a Hazbin Hotel fan! and also for those who aren't ^^



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>Trusting men


Been waking up with this stuck in my head multiple days in a row now



This one's been stuck in my head for the past week or so.











A music thread?
Here's a music.


Good song.


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