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Music Thread
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And the saga of Lazlow Jones, I replayed all the GTA's just to listen to all his radio stuff, it's hilarious.











this song has been stuck in my head tonight

and i think, i want to sing it sometime


Zeke Roa gets the sneak peak of the good music weeks before I share it on here...


that came with the computer some years ago





Something new.


something old


Found this one today. It is my work song today.












Bad bad dreams....


Something poppy.




My mistake. I meant to post this one.


Well, great. Now the thread is completely ruined!



Such is my life. Things have been falling apart all around me, so as long as I keep smiling I'll have a good time on this trainwreck of a year. Nice song!






File: 1603307743109.png (23.78 KB, 324x326, 162:163, PseudoFox_greetings_by_Wea….png) ImgOps Google


That's an excellent playlist you have there Pseudo! Since we're sharing playlists, here's Ashes are Burning by Renaissance. Hope everyone likes it.




File: 1603354144859.png (271.46 KB, 1512x1925, 216:275, PseudoFox_picture_by_Spoof.png) ImgOps Google

Have listened to the first two songs! I'm liking what I'm hearing! Thank you!

Here's another playlist of mine to check out:



My favourite thing about this song is how much they hate LA.



>Big D And The Kids Table
nice. Do you listen to a lot of ska/ska punk?



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