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File: 1576045874748.jpg (75.54 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, banana.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

So I've been struggling the past few months to motivate myself to start a drawing habit. Well more than that, I've wanted to learn to draw for as long as I can remember, but I've always set up so many road blocks for myself. I bought a tablet years ago and barely used it, I bought a newer, fancier tablet earlier this year and again have barely used it. But I think I finally got a plan to get me started. (I think most normal people simply put art on a page, but I'm not normal people!)

Here's the plan, we're starting with good ol pencil, pen, and paper. I think trying to learn how to use the tablet itself has been blocking me. We can do digital later. I want to use pen for most of it so I can't get thrown off by my perfectionism. Once a line is down, no more fixing it. And this is the important part, I have a hard time figuring out what to draw so I've decided to take that road block out of the way by going through all the Pokémon from number 1 all the way through 800+ whatever! I don't even like Pokémon that much, but lots of them are cute and there's a lot of variety to work with. I bought a stack of paper, and the plan is to find reference images and start practicing construction, composition, shapes, etc. I'm not gonna worry about making original poses (yet), I can copy what I find online so long as I'm not tracing it. I want to be able up construct the same image from scratch using basic shapes and such. I'll get more used to taking a character and creating something completely new with practice.

So, that's the plan, and I've already gotten started. I drew some bulbasaur, ivysaur, and started on venusaur (dude's got so many details!). I'll be using this thread to catalog the art journey, and keep myself accountable to doing the drawings. Feel free to drop in and say hi, comment on the art stuff, or whatever. I'd be happy to take suggestions and draw for people too, might as well, if you don't mind the quality being what it is!
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File: 1578117675078.png (14.59 KB, 849x537, 283:179, i love her.png) ImgOps Google

>hugs and kajis <3

hey thorax!


Do it anyways.


File: 1578118724615.png (24.05 KB, 480x252, 40:21, Kanara04.png) ImgOps Google

Hi noelle, how are you tonight? :3

lol, I'll think about it. I've been working out and I'm too tired to give the banana it's due. Also, what would I even change it to? What image does this thread deserve?


>Also, there's so much caching happening on multiple levels,
Oh, there's more than just the browser cache?  Client-side, it seems cached image expires after 7 days, judging by the Cache-Control header.  I assume that Cloudflare will re-request the image from the origin after that expiration as well?


Of course it's a nice Pedro reference


>Also, what would I even change it to?
I vote for https://ponyville.us/pony/src/1576220539647.jpg


File: 1578119009419.gif (96.39 KB, 600x450, 4:3, story971.gif) ImgOps Google

i'm good for the most part! today was a day off, and i used it to work on some stuff

yesterday i learned that next semester, my financial aid will not be able to cover everything. so i am still on the hook for like $900, which sucks, but i have a plan forward for it. pay off a big chunk, then do a payment plan to wittle away the rest

i may or may not have a plan on getting some more income which may or may not involve me making art for a commission price. we'll see :DD

how are you? are you doin well my friend?


File: 1578119683946.png (20.12 KB, 350x309, 350:309, Kanara32.png) ImgOps Google

Cloudflare will cache it, which will refresh eventually, yes, though I would prefer to login and clear it if I was doing this. And I can never remember my login credentials with cloudflare because those jerks use very strict password restrictions, arbitrarily. No, you are not making my password more secure by forcing me to use a number, my password is good enough without your shitty restrictions.

Oh anyway, then the site code itself caches images somehow, I don't even understand it, but it is weird and while I can rebuild it it sometimes gets pissy when you make manual changes. It might be simple, or it might just fail to load the image, I've never tried doing this kind of thing with it.

Yeah, that one did come out pretty well!

Which pedro is that?

whatdya work on?

Oh hmmm, have you done commissions before? Not like I'm near the point I would be able to do commissions, but I haven't even considered that one day maybe I could put my art out there like that, with enough practice. Huh, that would be pretty cool. I'd commission something from you, but I'm entirely and completely broke for the first time in my adult life!

I'm okay, like I'm feeling pretty good. I'm trying to use the mystical forces of the new year to get back on track with some things. I've been making sure to hit my exercise goals and art goals every day. And I just talked to my mom about the kinds of things I can do with my hair now that it is a little longer. My hair is now maybe 5-6 inches long, which is about 4-5 inches longer than it has even been, so I'm playing with it a lot to see what I can do with it. That's kinda fun.

But yeah, I'm doing alright. I'm still waiting on news from Facebook and Amazon interviews I did last year. Like, somewhere out there there is a committee of people deciding whether my life is going to be good or it is going to continue being a terrible struggle. Kinda funny to think of it that way, but it's basically true. Considering I'm working off the welfare of friends now, no more savings, I told Andrea we have to tighten the belt a lot. We had been pretty much spending at the same level, but now I told her we are going to be budgeting strictly from here out. That's a change. But I think it is good for both of us, have to actually think about what we are eating and paying for. I don't think that's bad, we can still eat good food if we actually look for deals and shop around.


File: 1578119733619.jpeg (395.72 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 2222567.jpeg) ImgOps Google

My friend!


File: 1578120271246.png (112.56 KB, 640x480, 4:3, tumblr_87bb33e3070b547b89f….png) ImgOps Google

new animation project! hope to get it done before the new semester, but we'll see ^^

and i have not! i'll be new to it, and i've talked with Esh about it, given his expertise in the matter. i feel that my style is consistent enough to at least make something that people will be happy with.

hey, don't worry bout it! you take care of yourself first ^^

there you go! positive affirmation to direct the new year right! i love it! and i know it will help you out! ooh i would love to see your new hair style when it's done! i have long hair myself, but i really need to take care of it a bit more

i'm gonna send my good vibes to you! may you get either the facebook or amazon job, and that your belt tightening will only come from healthy changes in diet and excersise!


File: 1578121073013.png (23.01 KB, 499x343, 499:343, Kanara41.png) ImgOps Google

If you're hanging about my thread, maybe tell me, whatcha planning for this weekend? :3

What else does Pedro your friend say?

Cool, cool. I love your animations :3

Esh is the resident art master, I hope I can match his dedication and skill some day! What kind of commissions do you think you would offer? Have you figured out pricing and tiers and all that?

Well the funny thing is my hair coils so tightly, my hair still looks really short. I borrowed some hot curlers from my mom which might straighten it a bit while leaving a bit of curl, I want to see how that looks. I'm finding there is so much I can do with it now that it has a little length. I used to just brush whatever I had back and leave it at that. Now I'm neck deep in conditioners and gels and something called a hair smoothie, and curlers clips etc etc. But it's fun, I like seeing what I can do with it.

Yeah, I really would be happy if one of those two came through. I'll also probably retake my interview with Google this month, and I have opportunities at PayPal, Apple, and Sailpoint if all goes well.


File: 1578121219886.png (2.8 MB, 2000x1000, 2:1, 2194549.png) ImgOps Google

Kill them all


File: 1578121333289.png (26.08 KB, 403x386, 403:386, Kanara10.png) ImgOps Google

Pedro sounds like a fun kind of guy!


Tell Pedro to drink some tea and watch the sunrise.


File: 1578121731976.jpg (75.59 KB, 1076x1076, 1:1, Drfk2EiXgAAkZWz.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

thank you <3 my latest one recently got a bit of an uptick in views, which is nice! and i believe you will enjoy the latest one when it's out ^^ it's a ways off though

oh yeah! he's like an ox! always pushing forward and just being such a consistent force of good arts! i was going to do your standard character thing with different tiers for shading, extra characters, backgrounds ect.

esh and i talked about pricing tiers, and he heavily emphasized that i am paid what i'm owed for the amount of work that i do, and no less. he told me his tiers, and it's given me at least an idea of what i want to do. I'm still working out the kinks, but i want the base tier to be for a character with color, then tiers for shading, extra characters, and then background. I have an idea of the prices i want to put on them

natural curls are very coveted by a lot of people! but i also understand that wanting straight hair would be an awesome too! hehe, long hair comes long responsibility! deep conditioner is a must if you want some good looking hair! also hair oil is nice for a glossy shine <3

ooh cool! all those sound awesome! MMMM!


That's My Friend Pedro! :pinkie4:




last one


File: 1578122747841.png (19.66 KB, 323x247, 17:13, Kanara52.png) ImgOps Google

What about animations? That's like your specialty! I know you aren't gonna make a 5 minute video for someone, that would be way too much work and nobody would be able to pay for that time. But have you thought about doing short 3-10 second gifs and animation loops as a commission? I think that could work. Imagine doing a short clip of noelle turning and kissing susie on the cheek or something, you could probably throw that together pretty quickly and I bet some people would be interested in stuff like that ^_^

I like my curls! It's just the coil so tightly that I can't really emphasize my length like that. I think I want something that really curls but also flows down, ya know. That would be the best I think! So, I need to loosen the hair up a bit. I think it's good to love your natural hair, but I need to be able to work it a bit too!

Yeah, I at least have a lot of interest. I remember when I did my unemployment for a few years after the great recession, I barely had anyone talk to me. And I never moved past a phone screen. So, I feel good about this, even if I don't have a job yet. At least I have good experience and people see the value in me, even if I haven't been the right guy for the job yet.

Pedro sure sounds like a special guy! I'm glad you have someone like Pedro by your side to help with all your mass killing needs :3


Oh, no. Pedro doesn't do anything. He's imaginary. He just says to kill them all.



File: 1578123354472.jpg (61.14 KB, 564x501, 188:167, baefc511976bdc2e3201f511fe….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

oh? i haven't even thought about that before... yeah! that might be a good idea! and because of the work output required to do them, they would naturally be worth more to commission, and could really help me out more than not! that's actually a really neat idea! thanks Thorax! i'll have to look into what people charge for that kind of thing! it may not get as many hits as the image commissions, but that would probably be balanced out by the price needed

i get ya i get ya! i have naturally curly hair and i love my curls too! but art needs attention, and your hair is art!

oh yeah! you have people that like you, you have skills people like, and i have no doubt you'll get a hit here soon!


File: 1578124290229.png (20.18 KB, 377x347, 377:347, Kanara45.png) ImgOps Google

Ahh, that makes sense! But what good is it if Pedro can't help you bury the body?

Yeah! If you like the idea, maybe you should put together a short example clip or two so people know what they are getting. That can also give you and idea of how much effort it really takes to make something good enough for commission and then you can find the right price for it. I think that would be a good way to offer something with a better value, and I think there are less artists out there doing animations which might give you an edge :3

If I find any really nice hairstyles for me, I'll be sure to share some pics ^^

I'm sure hoping so! I'm growing comfortable with my situation, but it still kinda sucks being in debt and only digging deeper by the day!


File: 1578124564280.png (7.2 KB, 459x482, 459:482, 1755135.png) ImgOps Google

I don't believe he told me to do that.


File: 1578125091529.jpg (64.35 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 46841431_315809965692809_7….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

that would be pretty cool! i already have my videos that showcase what i've done in the past. but i could also make a couple different small scale animations

and i could charge different amounts for different levels of animation. Like a minimal animation thing where it's just an icon with blinking eyes would be cheaper than something with full body motion and stuff. i can do both of them, and its something i'm already comfortable with and do with in my spare time!

yeah! and it would be great practice!

please do share some pics of your hair! i'm excite

it's a shitty situation, but you will bounce back! just hang in there!


File: 1578125455455.png (11.69 KB, 202x161, 202:161, Kanara30.png) ImgOps Google

I'm going to bed, nite y'all <3

What does Pedro say to do with the bodies then?

I am excited to see what kind of stuff you are able to put together! If I find myself employed any time soon, I already know a short animation or two I might like to commission out of you ^_^


File: 1578126477821.png (379.34 KB, 1280x1067, 1280:1067, sleepy.png) ImgOps Google

i'll start whipping up ideas! i'm thinking 3 different levels of animation complexity and tiering them based on that! and you can have an automatic first slot ^^

>hugs and kajis <3

goodnight thorax!


File: 1578183029280.gif (1.11 MB, 600x600, 1:1, test 1.gif) ImgOps Google

so thorax! i made a little animated icon!

what do you think?


Bigg smiel


File: 1578213543312.jpg (1.95 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 20200105_003018.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Tried to throw together this squirtle real quick before bed. It actually took a lot longer than I thought even though I was trying to be quick about it. Who knew, drawing something takes time! All the Pokémon have anime eyes, but squirtle's are done a little differently than the others and I do not understand the mechanics of these eyes. Maybe I'll look up an eye tutorial to get a better feel for them. Also, squirtle's limbs seem so stubby as to make him practically useless. Just sayin!

I should budget more time for doing this, I mean even this took 35 minutes or so for me, but I think I should try to get at least an hour in a day. I'll try to work on it earlier in the day instead of in the 25th hour of the day :p

I already commented in the other thread, but this is super excellent and I'm impressed you already got something put together so fast! How much time did you have to put into that? I guess I'm starting to be curious how much time is taking peeps to make their arts.


File: 1578302339561.jpg (1.87 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 20200106_011348.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You know, wartortle is just squirtle with ears and a more serious expression! It's pretty much the exact same. I tried to play with the shapes that make up his face to see how I felt about slight deviations, see what I like and didn't. I think I got a little inspiration from some of the stuff I was doing here. I want to try something new tomorrow and see if I can pull off something different and interesting.


File: 1578330331853.png (111.15 KB, 500x482, 250:241, full.png) ImgOps Google

Look at that tummy!




Dun bodyshame!


It's cute and adorable and I wanna touch it! :shy1:


Dun molest either



File: 1578340451400.jpg (136.03 KB, 1225x1054, 1225:1054, 20191228_162946_HDR(1).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>good ol pencil, pen, and paper

Throw that obsolete stuff out!

Oh wow its pretty amazing, awesome!

but dont quit yer day job ha


File: 1578345823491.jpg (3.49 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20200106_132312_HDR.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Did i meme it right?


File: 1578347211433.png (29.78 KB, 484x330, 22:15, Kanara07.png) ImgOps Google

Dude, how did you get a hold of such a rare piece of art? You must be quite the art collector!


File: 1578349864324.jpg (3.8 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20200104_184208_HDR.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


I like to think of it as not very well done.


File: 1578374520267.png (32.49 KB, 946x1138, 473:569, tumblr_pjcjyuBtEl1rsbu98o1….png) ImgOps Google

it took me 2 hours total. if you added the breaks i took while doing it, probably close to 3 hours or so

and keep on working! you're squirtle is cute, and i know you'll come up with something great for Wartortle ^^


File: 1578442694002.jpg (33.37 KB, 279x470, 279:470, lucy96.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Nice! How is it going for you so far? I do admire your problem-solving approach.


File: 1578466086679.png (120.9 KB, 900x1600, 9:16, bulba-wallpaper.png) ImgOps Google

Alright, this is what I've been working on the past couple days. I'm really fucking happy with it, it reeks of my aesthetic taste.

I was actually thinking about the wartortle I drew that didn't have the outline of the head on it. That was the inspiration for this piece. I just thought, fuck this would make a great wallpaper if I threw things together right. I think this is what I was hoping for, to find something that really got me excited. It's my own thing, my own style, my own art. I had a lot of fun working on it ^_^

Thanks, I think it's functioning for me! Like, I'm such a finicky person that I need some kind of system to get myself going. But, I'm finally chugging along now, which is what I wanted.



I like it.
Perfect for a smartphone wallpaper.


File: 1578470366104.png (27.83 KB, 566x375, 566:375, Kanara42.png) ImgOps Google

I'm glad you like it c:



May I save it and set it?


File: 1578517337062.png (19.84 KB, 299x275, 299:275, Kanara23.png) ImgOps Google

yes, please go ahead! I made it with the hope someone would want to use it as a wallpaper. I'm so glad you like c:






File: 1578547520978.jpg (52.17 KB, 1024x758, 512:379, 7f34076d62044fd2708cbae005….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

that's an awesome pic! like a Bulbasaur evolution wallpaper for a phone!

>hugs and kajis <3

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