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I noticed that when I switch devices, such as going from my phone to the tablet, the anonymous name you are given in a specific town hall thread will change even though I am on the same wifi.

Do the different devices use different IPs?

Should I try to correct this, or just stay on the same device?

(Guys, guys, how do I computer?)


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I suppose not

Does it matter?



Hmm. I guess I'll just just stay on the same device.

>Does it matter

A little. Trying to keep track of who you are talking to in a more serious discussion helps with communication.

I've read some lengthy debates on 4chan before, and from an observers standpoint, they are constantly getting things mixed up or the discussion resolved into insults because one anon was an asshole instead of actually debating, and the other anon thinks they "won" the argument


Hmm, if only there was a way... to choose your name... so that nobody would be confused about who is saying what...

Oh well! Guess that sort of thing doesnt exist.


I actually like that it's anonymous.

I think it works on that board specifically, cause unless someone has a really obvious way of talking (and even then, they can change up the way they write their sentences and not post with their usual avatars), it kind of keeps past experiences and feelings out of the discussion. I find that, at least for me, it's nice to be able to just focus on the discussion.


>Do the different devices use different IPs?
They have different local IP addresses, but your router likely NATs them behind a single shared public IP.  You can find out your public IP address by googling "what is my IP address?" from each device.


Fun fact, not just the ip is tracked. Your password is also tracked in case your phone slips across multiple mobile ips. If you set the password field manually to be the same across devices, you will get the same name.



Thank you!

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