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I would like to contest the ban that was issued in  >>>/pony/965063.

Mint horse is a known white supremacist and white nationalist. He has no qualms in admitting so. I find the things he believes dangerous and having someone like that on the board makes it a less welcoming place to anyone who isn't white.

Even if I have to begrudgingly accept his presence on the board because he has not (technically) violated the rules, I should NOT be forced to tolerate his ideology. The post made in >>>/pony/965063 was an attack on that ideology, not on his person. The board should not be protecting his ideology. It sets a bad precedent for this board and what it should be endorsing and standing for when you are banning users for telling others they should not be racists.


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Given Mint Horse's reply, we have decided to repeal this ban. We apologize for the lengthy deliberation

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