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I propose the humor ban be lifted on the grounds that this is a pony site and the basis that if you treat it like some kind of death sentence court proceeding then you've stripped the actual value away from any reason to post here.

Even my state court judges presiding over actual real world matters are not devoid of humor.

In the alternative i ask for explanation, why was it decided there must be a funereal atmosphere clouding all matters.

Fyi staff this is not a frivolous joke post, i am dead serious here and i ask that you take my request seriously.  Thank you.


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Because joking about things makes light of a situation. This board was issued to be a serious place, and any distraction from that is unneeded and wasteful of time. And wasting others time is disrespectful to them. If you can't contribute something here without forcing it to be humerus it needed be said. Trying to make it  less serious is detrimental to the entire point of this area. If you want jokes there are plenty of other boards on this site that will cater to you.


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Valid, thank you.

You don't think that over-weighting a topic with too much seriousness is also sometimes disrespectful?


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You can over-complicate an issue, but being serious about it shows you care.

So, no, not really.


Not everyone has the same sense of humor.  And humor is more difficult over text.  And sometimes humor is misinterpreted, and especially in threads where people are upset, this can be bad.  Also what Tracer said.


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I will consider these things, thank you both.

In keeping with my uncertain understanding of the new rules, I now request a lock of this thread, and for a staff member to issue a non-rebuttable official response to my request.  There is no hurry for the response, i ask for quality not haste.

Thank you Ponyville.


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i have never been in a court where anyone has a sense of humor while proceedings are occurring, and i have been to many, many courts.

...not sure why that is relevant, but i really wanted to share ^^


Different types of court, I think, Moony. I've seen recordings of lower level court proceedings where judges have had humour in them.


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There really isn't a lot of humor in the sort of court stuff Moony does, so thats not surprising.

One example:  a favorite local judge of mine was presented with conflicting testimony from opposing lawyers about some diligence or other and instead of saying "they both can't be true" he said "when each of you were looking at yourselves in the mirror this morning tying your ties, one of you was looking at a liar"

Also while watching a closing argument in a DUI case, it was discussed that the day before during testimony that the arresting officer actually yelled at the defense counsel.

State court is so much better than television.

Also Moons, this is your official warning for derailing.  I'll have Luna ban you!  Just kidding.  Oh wait im not sposed to do that i guess.

I guess i don't really need an official response, Tracer's explanation was pretty watertight.  Just lock this for me and i'll try and stay out of the way.


Unauthorized humor detected.  Initiating Joy Obliteration Protocols.

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