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Streamlining Canterlot

It is the opinion of the staff that Canterlot has exceeded its original purposes, and requires substantial streamlining in order to make it functional. Canterlot has become an unnecessary dramatic place, and the following policy seeks to reduce that drama first and foremost.

If a user has an issue concerning moderator action to bring to Canterlot, that user shall open a thread, and a moderator or admin will respond. That user may then post a rebuttal and then request a lock. No other users may post in that thread. After the lock is requested, a staff member shall lock the thread, and then provide an answer.

In so doing, each Canterlot thread shall have the user's posts, a moderators answers, and that's it. “Meta” matters will not be permitted on other boards, outside of /canterlot/, with the policy strictly enforced.

This policy need not apply to site discussion threads, which will remain open for all users to weigh in on, provided responses are kept civil and relevant, and the thread OP is tagged appropriately.

Thank you all for your time.

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