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A lot of us have been busy so it's completely our fault that this hasn't been enforced in awhile, however... we would like to remind you guys that we don't allow silly threads here on /canterlot/.  We'd like this place to be an area for serious site discussion.  All previous silly threads will be locked here on /canterlot/.

If you've got a silly thread that's appropriate to the site (not breaking say, rule #7), post it on /pony/ please!  Or of course if it's a roleplay, on /rp/.


Can i make silly responses to serious threads?

Cuz my thread was totally serious.


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You can move the thread to /pony/, though


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We usually would (and shall continue doing so), but some of these were pretty old, and didn't have many replies.  Not to mention what was already said in the OP.  Tis a one time thing.

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