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File: 1525558337211.png (298.21 KB, 500x500, 1:1, marshmallowiest-pony.png) ImgOps Google

Can you please add a feature to filter out users based on name?  (I'm repeating Lost Pony's request in this thread: http://ponyville.us/pony/res/740180.html#740554)

This can be accomplished by executing some code (like the following snippet) on pageload and on thread auto-update.  (Oh, and some UI would be nice, but not essential, since people can just manually set localStorage.filtered_usernames at the debug console.)

if ((localStorage.filtered_usernames || "").trim()) {
 var filtered_user_regex = RegExp(localStorage.filtered_usernames);
 $(".name").filter(function(i,e) {
   return filtered_user_regex.test(e.textContent);
 }).closest("div.reply").css("display", "none");


Code isn't the issue. Enough of the team is against it as a feature that it probably won't ever be a thing.


File: 1525584848453.png (203.45 KB, 900x1492, 225:373, sweetie_belle_in_perplexit….png) ImgOps Google

Hmmm, well it seems like it would be very useful in addressing the ongoing Manley/LostPony drama so that LP can filter out Manley's homophobic twaddle.

Can you at least add a hook to the thread update function that Greasemonkey can hook into?


I could, but I am also one of the people who is unfavorable towards the feature. I didn't join the dev team to make features that break and divide the community. I fast tracked things like ponymotes because it brings something positive to the site. Filters, while serving a useful purpose, are coding a negativity into the site. I can do that but I'm really not very motivated by it. Considering it is hard enough getting things done I'm in favor of, don't hold your breath on it. Probably only is gonna happen if you make a direct appeal to Moony and convince him enough to convince me.


File: 1525612815045.jpg (70.4 KB, 774x1032, 3:4, princess_spike_by_alostpon….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>break and divide the community

Then perhaps the specific issue might be addressed by uniform enforcement of the existing rules of civility.

Some have expressed a desire that a lost pony continue to be part of this community.  Why, is unfathomable to a lost pony.  However a lost pony feels most unwelcome in a community where one member is allowed to violate the basic rules of civility on a daily basis without correction, despite his hurtful words being an ongoing divisive facter to any new members who might happen along, as well as causing severe emotional distress to a lost pony.

a lost pony has a strong aversion to remain where such a condition exists.

Despite having called for such a filter, a lost pony is pleased that the will of the community is against such a solution, but is dismayed that there is no aparent will even to enforce agreed disciplinary action or it seems, address a lost pony's challenge to do so.

It seems to a lost pony that the leadership of this community prefers to unfairly reinforce flagrant and ongoing divisive misbehavior of one individual at the expense of both that individual's character development and the health of the community and its more vulnerable members.

If leadership lacks the will to take action to make Ponyville a safe place for a lost pony to remain, then a lost pony will be forced to remain no longer.


File: 1525614972484.png (273.42 KB, 1024x1401, 1024:1401, scootabat-2.png) ImgOps Google

>there is no aparent will even to enforce agreed disciplinary action or it seems, address a lost pony's challenge to do so.
Dude, you gotta give a Moony a few days to act. He might be busy with IRL stuff this weekend.


Okay, I don't know if it my place to share this info but Moony has this past week been dealing with a death in his family. So yes, Moony has been dealing with something IRL and while the happenings here are still very important to him, he had needed time (and should likely still need time) before he can make tough decisions about week long bans. He asked the rest of the mod team to handle this situation, and I think we agree that a ban is warranted given the warning Moony gave, but I don't think any individual has wanted to take it into their own hands to make this ban happen.

I never saw when Moony said a week long ban was on the horizon, though I know he said it somewhere. If you direct me to where it was said so I can understand the context, I will read and verify it, cross check it against the recent MCU thread to see that it qualifies, put it up with the rest of the staff to make sure we are in agreement and issue the ban myself if needed.


File: 1525768294584.jpg (302.5 KB, 850x1133, 850:1133, 8a87fa6b76ebe40eb065caa9d6….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Yeah, should have asked around first, I could have told you this would be a waste of your time. The leaders of the site, if you can call them that in anything else than name, are too focused on trying to make a "positive atmosphere" that they won't even implement one of the most conducive features to that.

So yeah, it's never going to happen, especially when the only person who actually really works on this site, implementing features and such, is completely against it.

Funny how he thinks some dumb stickers will make the site more positive while the ability to block out negative people is somehow negative.

But whatever, man, you just gotta deal with it. "Ignore it and hope it goes away." Is the name of the game around these parts. Just don't interact. It's actually a lot easier than it sounds. Course, filtering users would be easier and better for everyone, but apparently that gives the site a negative impression despite the fact that pretty much every other site like ours has the feature and are varying levels of positive and negative. Hell, Ponychan is starting to be a better place to hang out than here, least because you don't have to deal with Manley if you have a problem with him.

one person having a problem with one other person just simply isn't enough for the "will of the people" to convince the leadership that filtering is okay

If other people like, say, Sherlock and Star, were to come out asking for it, it's at least a bit more possible for it to be considered. 'Course Star would never do that, he's too nice. And Sherlock isn't around and seems to have become skilled at simply ignoring him. Same with Star, I suppose. As for me, I've decided to coexist all friendly-like with Manley, so that takes care of that.


course with the existence of anons, filtering is kind of moot unless you're willing to filter all the anons.

But that'd be crazy.


File: 1525781279287.png (293.98 KB, 1024x2375, 1024:2375, sweetie_belle_derelle_by_m….png) ImgOps Google

Well, if the site isn't going to add features to make it easy for individual users to filter Manley's subtly homophobic (and sometimes blatantly homophobic) posts (such as "Also, don't be gay"), deliberate misquotations of other users (he even admitted it was deliberate in >>>/pony/740422), and obvious logical fallacies, perhaps something can be done about such posts by the moderation team.  Manley has already had it explained to him multiple times why saying "I wouldn't be a virgin if I were gay" is easily interpreted as offensive, yet he still continues to say it.

Perhaps an additional rule should be added, something like "On sensitive topics, don't use careless wording that can reasonably be interpreted as implying something offensive to reasonable people".  


File: 1525791411266.png (145.03 KB, 340x420, 17:21, well, see.png) ImgOps Google

> don't use careless wording that can reasonably be interpreted as implying something offensive to reasonable people
A lot can be interpreted as offensive by "reasonable" people
Like "if I were gay, I wouldn't be a virgin"


File: 1525819760245.png (230.28 KB, 1024x1396, 256:349, sweetie-bat-2.png) ImgOps Google

Hence the qualifier "careless".  I'm not expecting people to proactively consider what can be interpreted as offensive, but rather simply to take into account past feedback from mods and fellow users about what can easily be interpreted as offensive.


I wonder, if someone shat in one of the rooms of your house, would you just pretend the shit and the shitter wasn't there? No, you'd get that shit cleaned and do something punitive to the shitter. Of course as you've said, the moderation here has historically ignored the shitter (although to inject a bit of nuance, they have believed it wasn't shit but maybe something less offensive such as tracking in mud from outside) but shuffling it under the rug and pretending that nobody is shitting in your house is just a slightly less bad solution than ignoring it.

To set something straight, I am not saying that ponymotes is going to make everyone nice to each other and all the negativity is going to go away. All I meant by it being a positive is that the users that like it get something fun out of it and the users such as yourself, tracer, and I can either hide it through the options menu or just ignore it. That is a net benefit to the site. Also, don't make a habit of talking about me in the third person (in the same thread I'm posting no less) when you are gonna talk shit about me or the work I do. You can say it to me directly, thanks.

As for blocking people being a negative? Yes, it undoubtedly is. Everyone here has something of value to be said and shared and we are going to be less if we cut all ties with the people we have an issue with. Through better moderation (and yes, I understand your issues with the moderation. I am in near complete agreement. But I'd rather fix the moderation issue directly instead of code the users a way to bypass the problems with the moderation), we can address the negativity without having to go as far as wiping each other off the site. To make my point, Manley has said some stupid shit about trans and gay people, would you have been better off if you decided to just hide his existence the moment he said a stupid thing? I'm guessing not.

And that leads into my next point, that just because I am against filtering users doesn't mean I think nothing should be done. We need stricter enforcement of the rules we have and more specific rules for when someone is not exactly 'rude' or 'unkind' but is still causing people to be upset. That is where Manley falls right now and we need to come up with a concrete rule to address it. I am trying to push that idea with the rest of the staff, but things are slow to change (especially since Moony is dealing with a personal tragedy right now).

All of that said, I do agree with you that we have a leadership problem. We have many nice and caring people on staff that genuinely want the best for the site, but I don't think Moony or anyone else is a leader. Real leadership comes from making the hard decisions and having to make someone unhappy (or even cutting them out entirely) in order to make another group happy. Historically we have been trying not to make those hard decisions, and in my opinion that just leads everyone to be unhappy.

As for "ignore it and hope it goes away" I only think it is fair to again emphasize that a lot of the staff don't see the same issues that some (not all) users do. When Manley says a homophobic and offensive thing, a lot of the staff aren't phased. What to do when your staff reads the best interpretation of a user's post and your other user's read the worst interpretation? When you don't think there is anything wrong with what was said, how do you cater to someone you must naturally think is overreacting? But things are starting to change on that front. Manley got a 1 week ban for continuing to post aggravating homophobic shit in that MCU thread (after being warned a 1 week ban was on the horizon). I don't like banning people, but I still consider that progress. So maybe the era of 'ignore it' is coming to an end (which also means you'll be getting a few bans of your own soon, with any hope!).

I agree, and I am trying to push for something similar. There is supposed to be a major rules and moderation overhaul coming and I am going to make sure we have something in there that will address Manley carelessly upsetting people and getting away with it because "he didn't mean to upset anyone, or be unkind, or rude". Something along the lines of what you are suggesting is in the works, it is just going to take more time.

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