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I think the current thread has gone far enough. Instead of arguing with people in it about why people shouldn't be rude while arguing in a thread that has already seen enough arguing… it should be brought up here.

So, the problem here is that people can't seem to stay civil in political threads.

The solutions proposed are as follows;

1) Ban politics altogether. Not really a fan of this one and it's more like a last ditch solution if nothing else works.

2) Make a board specifically for Politics, a sort of containment board, if you will. This is only a bit of a better option, really, as people have brought up that it would either draw traffic away from /pony/ OR would just end up dead anyways. Which would solve the problem of politics thread in /pony/ but… not in the best way, in my opinion.

and finally 3) Make sure there's always a moderator around to make sure people don't dissolve into insults. To keep things civil. Anyone who can't keep things civil should no longer be allowed to post in politics threads.

Anyways, those are three options that I, and others, have come up with. Anyone else with ideas should post here as well.

Please refrain from "Oh just ignore the threads, you don't have to post in them" response. I'm looking at you, Mondo, as you seem to just love that one, regardless of how unsuited it is to the ongoing discussion.


File: 1507893059142.jpg (91.17 KB, 500x709, 500:709, tumblr_okpkq0p0sG1rhzzn0o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The issue here is not that people outside the threads are having a problem ignoring the threads. That has nothing to do with it.

The issue here is that the people who DO frequent these threads and who DO like to post in them, cannot keep things civil. They almost always devolve into insults and other untoward things.

Again, the problem isn't the people on the outside looking in, but the people inside the threads who constantly make problems. Regardless of whether a poster wants to be in a political thread, regardless of if they hide the threads and don't look in them, it only serves to make a toxic environment on the site for everyone. I don't know about you, but I don't think having threads full of people insulting each other is very welcoming to any potential newcomers.


File: 1508011762861.png (156.8 KB, 359x312, 359:312, 26.PNG) ImgOps Google

Politics is a pretty easy theme to bring up and as a topic it's something many people form unspoken ideas on.

I often read stuff and think, "Man, I wish I had some place to vent about this."

But I agree, especially some specific themes bring the worst out of people and had many an optimism crushed by those discussions if only lurking them.


I think it would be a great idea to have more mod intervention, but I think it is difficult to know when things have crossed the line. There are direct insults and indirect insults. When someone says "this idea is stupid" is that over the line? If someone says "this idea is stupid and makes you a bad person to think it" is that over the line? Some things that happened in that thread were black and white, but most of it wasn't. Then you mix in people using insults as sarcasm or jokes. Do we defer to the most nasty interpretation of anything said? If we didn't, what says someone starts insulting people and when called on it plays it off as a farce?

It isn't easy making these mod decisions. Doubly so when there are posters that are quick to criticise mod action, such as you.


I think Ponychan has done a decent job by having a board for edgier topics.


File: 1508204935946.jpg (91.17 KB, 500x709, 500:709, tumblr_okpkq0p0sG1rhzzn0o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The only mod I criticize is Mondo because he's the only mod who seems to have a problem doing his job correctly.


Why single Mondo out? There are a few other active mods who didn't mod that thread to your liking either. How is he specifically not living up to your mod expectations where other mods are?

Besides, I was actually referencing your objection to Chrome in the HAY thread. Sure you flipped sides when you actually started to understand the situation, but your initial jumping of the gun made that messier than it needed to be. I just find it bizarre that you are the one pushing the idea that mods need to do more when the few times mods actually act you are usually the most outspoken against whatever they do.


I should note, just because I find it odd that you are pushing this doesn't mean I disagree. I always felt mods need to step in more when people are getting heated and throwing civility to the wind. I'm just tripping over you saying this since you are the first person I imagine when I think of users that are against mod intervention. You have a history of pushing back against mods even when they are at their gentlest (such as Chrome was in that thread).


File: 1508318500167.png (117.42 KB, 500x670, 50:67, tumblr_inline_nj9bpcFGZz1s….png) ImgOps Google

It's a long time thing. I would explain it, but even though you apparently have some inside info, you're just a random anon. If you had a name I might clue you in, but since you don't I'm gonna be a bit discriminatory and not explain it to you. (The animosity towards Mondo in particular, not the rest, which I'll freely discuss with anyone who asks)

Suffice it to say, while other mods have had moments where they do things I don't agree with, for the most part they actually do their jobs and do them well, but with Mondo, not only does he not do his job half the time (in my opinion, of course) but he also doesn't do it correctly (also just in my own opinion).

This is more that I just don't like it when mods hound certain users, just in general. I like mod intervention, but if it seems like mods are singling someone out, I have a problem with it. As should be obvious in the thread you mentioned.

I was under the impression that Bishop had waited out his bans and Chrome was now just hounding him unnecessarily. There is where I had a problem, not with mods doing their jobs.

Other times in the past I have disagreed with mod action because I felt they were addressing the symptoms, not the actual problem.

Anyways, that's enough of that. If you'd like to continue this conversation, come off anon. Though, regardless, I advise against continuing because it's getting this thread off topic.


So, I can't much come off being anon since I've never posted with a name other than anonymous. If you want to discriminate against that, I can't help it. But, you shouldn't get the impression that I'm a user you know who is hiding their identity for the sake of this thread.

It's your thread, so I wouldn't derail it if you asked me not to, but does it much matter? I'm pretty much the only one who is both looking at canterlot and who cares enough to talk to you about the issue. Not like I can distract any other users away from the topic you are trying to discuss when there aren't any other posters.

Serious question, why don't you apply to be a mod? If you don't like something, the best way to fix it is from the inside.


File: 1508403143795.png (42.01 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 02_CLORICA_body_03_room_00.png) ImgOps Google

Well then that's unfortunate.

While that is true and I agree, I still think Canterlot threads should always stay on topic and suffer no derailments.

I've thought about it, believe me, but not only do I simply not want to work with some of the people (one of the people to be exact) on the mod staff currently but I'm also not that active and don't want to spend more effort on this place than I already do.


File: 1508651977629.png (275.95 KB, 471x494, 471:494, 655676678.png) ImgOps Google

Coming from someone who now has moderator experience, it's actually rather difficult to police political threads and keep them civil.  Not saying you can't, but finding a ground that makes everyone happy is the hardest.  But, that's the life of a mod.

I think giving them a firm and clear verbal warning is what's best, I think.  If they do not comply, then you can further decide if a ban is necessary.  Just having a moderator present sometimes is enough to deter inflammatory posting.  You don't have to be pushy about enforcing rules; just let the user know they exist.  Usually simple communication and working things out goes along way.

Not trying to backseat mod or anything.  Just giving some advice because you guys are our brothers too.


File: 1508813207351.png (260.54 KB, 631x720, 631:720, coy flutter smile.png) ImgOps Google

Not at all! the input is most appreciated c:

i would agree that we have had far too many political threads lately get out of hand. i'll do a write up, and brief our moderators on how to better handle these threads hopefully before they get out of hand.

In the meantime, please do report threads when they are starting to get out of hand. We'll strive to put these threads on a bit of a tighter leash in the future.

i've had others propose a /dis/ board to me… but i'd imagine that board to be a dead in the water quarantine board. And i'd not like that.


File: 1508854852545.png (332.71 KB, 536x584, 67:73, 87878980980.png) ImgOps Google

if you have any questions or wanna talk feel free to hit me up.


the safe-space board isn't safe-spacey enough.
we need more coloring books and play-dough.

also a board for political discussion.


File: 1509765799186.jpeg (14.06 KB, 257x196, 257:196, harmonyelements.jpeg) ImgOps Google


Politics can never be truly civil, as it has always been about how to divide up scarce resources (actual or perceived) in the most equitable way.

When resources are perceived to be scarce, people's basic instinct for survival is triggered, which in the past often led to war for resources.

As wars often led to even worse conditions post-war than pre-war for most of the people, the concept of "civility" was born.

"Civility" means everyone comes together and pretends like their survival instinct is not being triggered. Whoever can pretend the best usually gains the most respect and power. Ironically, whoever just doesn't care - often due to being rich or holding a strong position of power - often rises to the top as well, simply because their money and power gives them the luxury of not having to worry about it. This is why corrupt people often rise to power unnoticed - because on the outside they appear to be masters of pretending their survival instinct is not being triggered, when in reality, they're so rich that it just doesn't matter to them what happens to the people who voted them in.

So, you see, civility is not much better than barbarity.

So what is the solution?

Well, you see, politics only exists because of a perceived scarcity of resources. But are resources actually scarce, or are they merely artificially scarce? We have technology millions of times more powerful and more efficient than anything a person 200 years ago had, yet resources are still scarce.

All political threads should be redirected to a discussion about The Venus Project and how to transition from a political system based on scarcity, wishful thinking, and fighting to a resource-based economy based on reality.


This is the only way to have a "civil" discussion about politics in the sense of everything ponies stand for and not everything that they don't.


If you make a place with a certain atmosphere in mind, you'd ideally want that atmosphere to actually be there.

I can see where Jayd is coming from, and I largely agree.


Coloring Books and Play-Dough aren't safe space material

Coloring Books: Paper cuts
Play-Dough: Tastes bad

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