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Okay, hold the fuck up.

Some creepy little goblin decides to repeatedly make creepy comments towards somebody, and instead of doing anything about them, you ban the person complaining about the creepiness instead?

I dont care if Steam has autism or not, his behavior is borderline stalkerish and disturbing, and your desperation in trying to make this a comforting atmosphere for him is only serving to alienate other users.  You can safely count me as one of them.  If behavior like that is excusable because he's "autistic", I sure hope you dont mind if I utterly shit up this website, because it just so happens I have autism too, so you'll have to tolerate it.


Could you cite a rule that you think Steam had broken? As far as I saw -although he was being obnoxious- he was not breaking any of the rules on the front page, while Jade certainly was. Specifically the rules against insulting other posters or treating them with hostility.

I understand if the site/site rules are not to your liking, or you want to suggest the rules be amended in some way, but behaving that way toward other posters has never been acceptable in any context.


Maybe if you did your job right there wouldn't be any hostility


>be mod staffer
>doesn't do job correctly
>person gets angry
>blames the person who got angry rather than themselves for not doing their job correctly in the first place


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If you're interested in what I mean by "not doing your job correctly", the easiest target is thus:

You let a known rule-breaker return to the site even after you issues a supposed "permanent" ban on him.

That alone is enough.


File: 1490847880193.png (538.64 KB, 1068x759, 356:253, Lurking Peridot.png) ImgOps Google

I think the number of people who have multiple permabans on their record is probably in the double digits by now.  It's standard pony board procedure.


But you still knowingly broke the rules by insulting him, correct? If you violate the rules listed on the main page, you will be treated like anyone else who does so.

If you could cite a rule you felt Steam broke during your disagreement, that would help. But as far as I saw, you had broken the rules very clearly by directly insulting two other posters.


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I do not have autism!


File: 1494607170085.gif (3.22 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Just how am I supposed to ….gif) ImgOps Google

Trust me, you do.  Dont tell me that you've "cured autism" either, because that's not how autism works.  To be fair, it's the least of your problems, but I'm just saying.

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